About AktieTorget

AktieTorget runs a marketplace for shares and other financial instruments since 1998. This marketplace is in legal terms a so called multilateral trading facility (MTF). Running a MTF is a financial service according to Swedish financial law, and is thus under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

AktieTorget has focus on developing entrepreneurial businesses. AktieTorget is offering the companies a high service level, low costs and a well adapted regulatory system which guarantees good investor protection.

AktieTorget AB provides an effective electronic system (INET Nordic) for trading stocks, which banks and stock exchange members affiliated with the Norex stock exchanges can access. AktieTorget focuses on companies that are lead by entrepreneurs and growing. AktieTorget offers these companies excellent service, low prices and a well-adapted regulatory system that delivers good investment protection.

Since November 1, 2007, AktieTorget AB has been authorized by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority to operate as a securities firm to run a multilateral trading facility under the supervision of the Authority.

AktieTorget AB is part of ATS Finans AB which in turn is wholly owned by ATS Finans Holding AB.

Chairman of the board is Torbjörn Wennerholm and CEO is Peter Gönczi.

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Why AktieTorget?

  • AktieTorget is orientated on the needs of small and medium sized entrepreneur led companies with large potentials.
  • The investor protection is important. External share holders' interest must be protected

AktieTorget offers small and medium sized entrepreneur led companies the stock market's advantages to the best price and service level on the market.

Peter Gönczi, CEO Aktietorget

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  • Mäster Samuelsgatan 42
  • 111 57 Stockholm
  • Telefon: 08 - 511 68 000
  • info(snabel-a)aktietorget(punkt)se