Analyzes of the company

Date WrittenDate PublishedAnalyst CompanyTitleDocumentsLinks
8/27/20129/4/2012Axier EquitiesGenesis IT — Fortsatt stark tillväxtRead more
5/10/20125/11/2012Axier EquitiesGenesis IT — Nytt succéavtalRead more
9/28/20119/28/2011Axier EquitiesGenesis IT — Välskött kassakoRead more
11/4/201011/4/2010Axier EquitiesGenesis IT — Solen lyser över molntjänsterRead more

Analyzes and similar documents are only published upon company request. Furthermore, AktieTorget requires that the analysis shows sufficient quality and objectivity, and also contains satisfactory information about the analyst firms own interests and/or conflicts of interest regarding the analysis.
These requirements went into effect on 10/15/2014 and AktieTorget cannot guarantee that analyzes published before this date conforms the above requirements.

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