Insiders in Star Vault

Henrik Nyström8/21/2006   
Kerstin Nyström6/30/2014   
Clas Ohlsson6/30/2014   
Patrik Sommarin6/30/2014   
Per Hökfelt3/27/2007   6/30/2014
Rickard Linetti9/28/2007   4/21/2008
Ulf Nyström8/21/2006   11/22/2013
Mats Persson3/27/2007   9/12/2013
Claes Ramel4/29/2011   12/23/2011
Fredrik Reimers2/15/2010   9/12/2013
Robert Uhlmann4/21/2008   6/30/2014

Transactions in shares on Star Vault

DateTransgressionName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
7/7/2014STVA BKerstin Nyström Late reporting
18 days
Trade: 7/7/2014,
Reported: 8/7/2014  
Started possession204,571     204,571
5/29/2013STVA BPer Hökfelt  Increased possession10,000     381,600
5/28/2013STVA BPer Hökfelt  Increased possession10,000     371,600
8/29/2012STVA BUlf Nyström  Increased possession10,000     197,571
3/2/2012STVA BRobert Uhlmann  Open Issue176,171     184,571
3/1/2012STVA BPer Hökfelt  Rights Issue178,600     361,600
3/1/2012STVA BRobert Uhlmann  Rights Issue2,400     8,400
3/1/2012STVA BFredrik Reimers  Rights Issue178,573     382,183
3/1/2012STVA BUlf Nyström  Rights Issue187,571     187,571
5/6/2011STVA BHenrik Nyström  Rights Issue275,893     6,067,893
5/6/2011STVA BPer Hökfelt  Rights Issue61,000     183,000
5/5/2011STVA BRobert Uhlmann  Rights Issue2,000     6,000
3/16/2010STVA BEndowment policy: Ulf Nyström  Decreased possession-198,291     0
10/30/2008STVA BHenrik Nyström   Correction of erroneous reporting4,000     5,792,000
10/28/2008STVA BHenrik Nyström  Increased possession366,000     5,788,000
10/28/2008STVA BPer Hökfelt  Increased possession14,000     122,000
10/28/2008STVA BEndowment policy: Ulf Nyström  Increased possession24,000     198,291
10/28/2008STVA TOHenrik Nyström  Decreased possession-366,000     0
10/28/2008STVA TOPer Hökfelt  Decreased possession-14,000     0
10/28/2008STVA TOEndowment policy: Ulf Nyström  Decreased possession-24,000     0
9/29/2008STVA BRobert Uhlmann  Increased possession2,000     4,000
9/29/2008STVA TORobert Uhlmann  Decreased possession-2,000     0
9/3/2008STVA TOHenrik Nyström  Decreased possession-50,000     366,000
9/2/2008STVA TOHenrik Nyström  Decreased possession-100,000     416,000
5/27/2008STVA BHenrik Nyström  Increased possession516,000     5,422,000
5/27/2008STVA BPer Hökfelt  Rights Issue14,000     108,000
5/27/2008STVA BRobert Uhlmann  Increased possession2,000     2,000
5/27/2008STVA BEndowment policy: Ulf Nyström  Increased possession24,000     174,291
5/27/2008STVA BEndowment policy: Ulf Nyström  Started possession150,291     150,291
5/27/2008STVA TOHenrik Nyström  Started possession516,000     516,000
5/27/2008STVA TOPer Hökfelt  Increased possession14,000     14,000
5/27/2008STVA TORobert Uhlmann  Increased possession2,000     2,000
5/27/2008STVA TOEndowment policy: Ulf Nyström  Increased possession24,000     24,000
10/2/2007STVA BMats Persson  Started possession8,000     8,000
10/2/2007STVA BPer Hökfelt  Started possession94,000     94,000
10/1/2007STVA AHenrik Nyström  Started possession1,250,000     1,250,000
10/1/2007STVA BRickard Linetti  Started possession224,934     224,934
10/1/2007STVA BHenrik Nyström  Started possession4,906,000     4,906,000
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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