Insiders in Micropos Medical

Andreas Bergqvist12/21/2009   
Per Ekström5/20/2010   
Tomas Gustafsson12/21/2009   
Martin Johnsson12/21/2009   
Torben Jörgensen6/26/2014   
Bo Lennernäs12/21/2009   
Christer Ljungberg12/21/2009   
Bengt Rosengren12/21/2009   
Olof Sandén6/19/2013   
Oscar Sjöberg2/18/2014   
Hanna Syrén12/21/2009   
Charlotta Tilk12/17/2013   
Ulf Troedsson6/19/2013   
Mats Enegren12/21/2009   5/20/2010
Jörgen Hansson12/21/2009   7/8/2011
Roman Iustin12/21/2009   12/21/2012
Linnéa Lindau12/21/2009   7/8/2011
Bert Ringblom12/21/2009   6/19/2013

Transactions in shares on Micropos Medical

DateTransgressionName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
4/30/2015MPOSMartin Johnsson  Rights Issue6,094     30,473
4/29/2015MPOSAssociate: Tomas Gustafsson  Rights Issue710     15,210
4/29/2015MPOSTomas Gustafsson  Rights Issue15,250     639,250
4/29/2015MPOSBo Lennernäs  Rights Issue10,000     1,320,940
4/29/2015MPOSChrister Ljungberg  Rights Issue44,038     220,192
4/29/2015MPOSAssociate: Per Ekström  Rights Issue9,333     46,666
4/29/2015MPOSUlf Troedsson  Rights Issue25,000     41,998
4/29/2015MPOSCharlotta Tilk  Rights Issue600     3,300
4/29/2015MPOSOlof Sandén  Rights Issue7,500     37,500
4/29/2015MPOSTorben Jörgensen  Rights Issue100,000     100,000
4/1/2015MPOSAndreas Bergqvist  Decreased possession-13,818     55,275
4/1/2015MPOSAndreas Bergqvist  Rights Issue13,818     69,093
3/30/2015MPOSOscar Sjöberg  Decreased possession-13,320     57,000
3/30/2015MPOSOscar Sjöberg  Rights Issue14,064     70,320
12/4/2014MPOSOscar Sjöberg  Increased possession6,250     56,256
6/17/2014MPOS TO2Tomas Gustafsson  Increased possession90,908     90,908
6/17/2014MPOS TO2Charlotta Tilk  Increased possession50,908     50,908
6/17/2014MPOS TO2Bo Lennernäs  Increased possession50,920     50,920
6/17/2014MPOS TO2Hanna Syrén  Increased possession50,908     50,908
6/17/2014MPOS TO2Olof Sandén  Increased possession50,908     50,908
6/17/2014MPOS TO2Christer Ljungberg  Increased possession50,908     50,908
6/17/2014MPOS TO2Andreas Bergqvist  Increased possession50,908     50,908
6/17/2014MPOS TO2Oscar Sjöberg  Increased possession50,908     50,908
6/17/2014MPOS TO2Martin Johnsson  Increased possession50,908     50,908
6/17/2014MPOS TO2Per Ekström  Increased possession50,908     50,908
6/17/2014MPOS TO2Ulf Troedsson  Increased possession50,908     50,908
3/14/2014MPOSHanna Syrén  Increased possession5,000     55,000
3/13/2014MPOSBo Lennernäs  Decreased possession-15,000     1,310,940
3/11/2014MPOSTomas Gustafsson  Increased possession1,000     624,000
2/18/2014MPOSOscar Sjöberg  Started possession50,006     50,006
2/6/2014MPOSOlof Sandén  Increased possession15,000     30,000
1/30/2014MPOSOlof Sandén Late reporting
1 days
Trade: 1/30/2014,
Reported: 2/7/2014  
Increased possession15,000     15,000
12/17/2013MPOSAssociate: Tomas Gustafsson  Rights Issue1,072     14,500
12/17/2013MPOSTomas Gustafsson  Rights Issue11,000     623,000
12/17/2013MPOSHanna Syrén  Rights Issue10,000     50,000
12/17/2013MPOSAndreas Bergqvist  Rights Issue14,704     55,275
12/17/2013MPOSAssociate: Per Ekström Late reporting
1 days
Trade: 12/17/2013,
Reported: 12/30/2013  
Rights Issue2,333     37,333
12/17/2013MPOSAssociate: Bengt Rosengren  Decreased possession-45,000     355,000
12/17/2013MPOSUlf Troedsson  New Issue16,998     16,998
12/17/2013MPOSCharlotta Tilk  Started possession2,700     2,700
12/12/2013MPOSMartin Johnsson  Rights Issue1,523     24,379
12/12/2013MPOSChrister Ljungberg  Rights Issue75,000     176,154
12/12/2013MPOSChrister Ljungberg  Rights Issue6,321     101,154
8/23/2013MPOSBengt Rosengren Late reporting
4 days
Trade: 8/23/2013,
Reported: 9/5/2013  
Decreased possession-400,000     425,397
8/23/2013MPOSAssociate: Bengt Rosengren Late reporting
4 days
Trade: 8/23/2013,
Reported: 9/5/2013  
Increased possession400,000     400,000
7/5/2013MPOSBengt Rosengren  Decreased possession-41,323     825,397
3/25/2013MPOSChrister Ljungberg  Increased possession1,500     94,833
3/21/2013MPOSChrister Ljungberg  Increased possession12,000     93,333
3/4/2013MPOSChrister Ljungberg  Increased possession10,000     81,333
1/17/2013MPOS TO1Andreas Bergqvist  Increased possession50,000     50,000
1/17/2013MPOS TO1Hanna Syrén  Increased possession50,000     50,000
1/17/2013MPOS TO1Tomas Gustafsson  Increased possession200,000     200,000
1/9/2013MPOSChrister Ljungberg  Increased possession13,000     71,333
11/22/2012MPOSChrister Ljungberg  Rights Issue8,333     58,333
11/22/2012MPOSChrister Ljungberg  Open Issue25,000     50,000
11/21/2012MPOSAndreas Bergqvist  Rights Issue20,000     40,571
11/21/2012MPOS TRAndreas Bergqvist  Rights Issue-6,857     0
11/20/2012MPOSBert Ringblom  Rights Issue19,047     76,190
11/16/2012MPOSAssociate: Tomas Gustafsson  Rights Issue10,000     13,428
11/16/2012MPOSTomas Gustafsson  Rights Issue21,120     612,000
11/16/2012MPOSHanna Syrén  Rights Issue28,500     40,000
11/16/2012MPOSBengt Rosengren  Rights Issue2,000     866,720
11/16/2012MPOSAssociate: Per Ekström  Rights Issue35,000     35,000
11/1/2012MPOSMartin Johnsson  Rights Issue5,714     22,856
10/15/2012MPOS TRAndreas Bergqvist  Rights Issue6,857     6,857
8/11/2011MPOSChrister Ljungberg  New Issue25,000     25,000
8/1/2011MPOSHanna Syrén  Rights Issue1,500     11,500
7/28/2011MPOSMartin Johnsson  Increased possession2,142     17,142
7/7/2011MPOSEndowment policy: Roman Iustin  Increased possession3,000     3,000
7/5/2011MPOSTomas Gustafsson  Rights Issue2,000     590,880
7/4/2011MPOSAssociate: Tomas Gustafsson  Rights Issue428     3,428
7/1/2011MPOSBert Ringblom  Rights Issue7,143     57,143
6/27/2011MPOSAndreas Bergqvist Late reporting
1 days
Trade: 6/27/2011,
Reported: 7/5/2011  
Rights Issue2,571     20,571
6/7/2010MPOSBert Ringblom   Correction of erroneous reporting14,240     50,000
5/27/2010MPOSBert Ringblom  Decreased possession-12,240     35,760
12/21/2009MPOSAssociate: Tomas Gustafsson  Started possession3,000     3,000
12/21/2009MPOSTomas Gustafsson  Started possession588,880     588,880
12/21/2009MPOSHanna Syrén  Started possession10,000     10,000
12/21/2009MPOSMartin Johnsson  Started possession15,000     15,000
12/21/2009MPOSBengt Rosengren  Started possession864,720     864,720
12/21/2009MPOSBo Lennernäs  Started possession1,325,940     1,325,940
12/21/2009MPOSAssociate: Bo Lennernäs  Started possession486,020     486,020
12/21/2009MPOS TOTomas Gustafsson  Started possession60,000     60,000
12/21/2009MPOS TOHanna Syrén  Started possession60,000     60,000
12/21/2009MPOS TOMartin Johnsson  Started possession32,000     32,000
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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