New rules valid from July 3, 2016

On July 3, 2016, the European Parliament Regulation (596/2014 / EU) on market abuse came into force and became directly applicable to Swedish law. Regulation includes, among other things, new rules for insiders (hereinafter "people in positions").

People in leadership positions in companies listed on AktieTorget are, from 3 July 2016, to report their transactions in the listed company to the Financial Regulatory Board (FI) ( and to the company. AktieTorget's insider list and notification requirement has because of this ceased to be in force after market close on Friday, July 1, 2016. Previously reported transactions will appear on AktieTorget's website during a transitional period.

More information about the new rules can be found on FI's website:

If there are any questions, please call us at +46 (0)8-511 68 000, or send us a mail at

Insiders 2007-07-21 — 2016-07-01

Anna Åhr8/28/2012   
Wilhelm Dahlborn12/19/2007   5/11/2009
Eric Hasselqvist12/19/2007   
Jon Karlung12/19/2007   
Henrik Kemkes1/24/2014   
Tobias Lewén12/19/2007   8/28/2012
Anna Mossberg4/21/2010   12/13/2010
Andreas Norman12/19/2007   
Lars Perers5/11/2009   
Pär Ström12/19/2007   1/18/2012
Malin Svensson4/16/2014   
Klas Westholm12/13/2010   5/23/2012

Insider Transactions 2007-07-21 — 2016-07-01

DateTickerName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
5/19/2016BAHN BEric Hasselqvist  Decreased possession-1,361     27,000
5/18/2016BAHN BEric Hasselqvist  Decreased possession-3,098     28,361
5/17/2016BAHN BEric Hasselqvist  Decreased possession-1,512     31,459
5/16/2016BAHN BEric Hasselqvist  Decreased possession-2,029     32,971
9/23/2014BAHN BMalin Svensson  Decreased possession-1,400     2,450
9/19/2014BAHN BMalin Svensson  Decreased possession-100     3,850
8/28/2014BAHN BAssociate: Jon KarlungAndreas Norman  Decreased possession-100,000     2,414,935
6/2/2014BAHN BAndreas Norman  Decreased possession-20,635     0
6/2/2014BAHN BJon Karlung  Decreased possession-25,000     35,000
6/2/2014BAHN BAssociate: Jon KarlungAndreas Norman  Increased possession20,635     2,514,935
6/2/2014BAHN BAssociate: Jon KarlungAndreas Norman  Decreased possession-300,000     2,494,300
6/2/2014BAHN BAssociate: Jon KarlungAndreas Norman  Increased possession25,000     2,794,300
4/16/2014BAHN BMalin Svensson Late reporting
29 days
Trade: 4/16/2014,
Reported: 6/10/2014  
Started possession3,950     3,950
4/2/2014BAHN BAndreas Norman  Increased possession1,500     20,635
3/31/2014BAHN BAndreas Norman  Increased possession450     19,135
3/28/2014BAHN BAndreas Norman  Increased possession1,685     18,685
3/11/2014BAHN BJon Karlung  Decreased possession-5,000     60,000
3/10/2014BAHN BJon Karlung  Decreased possession-5,500     65,000
3/7/2014BAHN BJon Karlung  Decreased possession-4,500     70,500
3/6/2014BAHN BJon Karlung  Decreased possession-57,000     75,000
1/24/2014BAHN BHenrik Kemkes  Started possession2,000     2,000
11/30/2013BAHN BAndreas Norman  Increased possession14,000     17,000
11/30/2013BAHN BJon Karlung  Increased possession62,000     132,000
11/30/2013BAHN BEric Hasselqvist  Increased possession20,000     35,000
11/30/2013BAHN BLars Perers  Increased possession20,000     30,000
11/30/2013BAHN BAnna Åhr  Increased possession8,000     8,000
11/30/2013BAHN TO persEric Hasselqvist  Decreased possession-20,000     0
11/30/2013BAHN TO persLars Perers  Decreased possession-20,000     0
11/30/2013BAHN TO persJon Karlung  Decreased possession-62,000     0
11/30/2013BAHN TO persAndreas Norman  Decreased possession-14,000     0
11/30/2013BAHN TO persAnna Åhr  Decreased possession-8,000     0
1/4/2013BAHN TO persLars Perers Late reporting
225 days
Trade: 1/4/2013,
Reported: 12/2/2013  
Increased possession8,000     20,000
1/4/2013BAHN TO persAndreas Norman Late reporting
225 days
Trade: 1/4/2013,
Reported: 12/2/2013  
Increased possession8,000     14,000
12/28/2012BAHN TO persEric Hasselqvist Late reporting
228 days
Trade: 12/28/2012,
Reported: 12/2/2013  
Increased possession8,000     20,000
12/28/2012BAHN TO persAnna Åhr Late reporting
228 days
Trade: 12/28/2012,
Reported: 12/2/2013  
Increased possession8,000     8,000
12/27/2012BAHN TO persJon Karlung Late reporting
229 days
Trade: 12/27/2012,
Reported: 12/2/2013  
Increased possession50,000     62,000
7/18/2012BAHN BJon Karlung  Increased possession7,000     70,000
6/15/2012BAHN BJon Karlung  Increased possession3,000     63,000
5/10/2012BAHN BJon Karlung  Increased possession2,000     60,000
2/24/2012BAHN TO persLars Perers Late reporting
439 days
Trade: 2/24/2012,
Reported: 12/2/2013  
Increased possession6,000     12,000
2/14/2012BAHN TO persEric Hasselqvist Late reporting
447 days
Trade: 2/14/2012,
Reported: 12/2/2013  
Increased possession6,000     12,000
2/13/2012BAHN TO persJon Karlung Late reporting
448 days
Trade: 2/13/2012,
Reported: 12/2/2013  
Increased possession6,000     12,000
12/1/2011BAHN BAndreas Norman  Increased possession3,000     3,000
12/1/2011BAHN BJon Karlung  Increased possession3,000     58,000
9/1/2011BAHN BTobias Lewén  Decreased possession-1,795     857
8/31/2011BAHN BTobias Lewén  Decreased possession-3,500     2,652
8/30/2011BAHN BTobias Lewén  Decreased possession-1,348     6,152
8/29/2011BAHN BTobias Lewén  Decreased possession-5,000     7,500
4/4/2011BAHN TO persLars Perers Late reporting
666 days
Trade: 4/4/2011,
Reported: 12/2/2013  
Increased possession6,000     6,000
3/18/2011BAHN BTobias Lewén  Decreased possession-7,500     12,500
3/14/2011BAHN TO persAndreas Norman Late reporting
681 days
Trade: 3/14/2011,
Reported: 12/2/2013  
Increased possession6,000     6,000
3/4/2011BAHN TO persEric Hasselqvist Late reporting
687 days
Trade: 3/4/2011,
Reported: 12/2/2013  
Increased possession6,000     6,000
2/24/2011BAHN BTobias Lewén  Decreased possession-15,000     20,000
2/22/2011BAHN BTobias Lewén  Decreased possession-5,000     35,000
2/11/2011BAHN TO persJon Karlung Late reporting
702 days
Trade: 2/11/2011,
Reported: 12/2/2013  
Increased possession6,000     6,000
1/21/2011BAHN BTobias Lewén  Convert40,000     40,000
1/21/2011BAHN BKlas Westholm  Convert40,000     40,000
12/30/2010BAHN BAssociate: Jon KarlungAndreas Norman  Decreased possession-320,000     2,769,300
12/21/2010BAHN BTobias Lewén  Decreased possession-7,997     0
8/25/2010BAHN BJon Karlung  Increased possession4,000     55,000
7/15/2010BAHN BTobias Lewén  Decreased possession-10,000     7,997
6/4/2010BAHN BTobias Lewén  Decreased possession-13,503     17,997
5/18/2010BAHN BAssociate: Jon KarlungAndreas Norman   Correction of erroneous reporting-32,200     3,089,300
5/18/2010BAHN BAnna Mossberg  Started possession5,000     5,000
5/14/2010BAHN BAssociate: Jon KarlungAndreas Norman  Decreased possession-5,000     3,121,500
3/18/2010BAHN BAssociate: Jon KarlungAndreas Norman  Decreased possession-400,000     3,126,500
2/16/2010BAHN BTobias Lewén  Decreased possession-30,000     31,500
12/23/2009BAHN BJon Karlung Late reporting
2 days
Trade: 12/23/2009,
Reported: 1/7/2010  
Increased possession1,000     51,000
11/26/2009BAHN BAssociate: Jon KarlungAndreas Norman  Decreased possession-24,500     3,526,500
11/11/2009BAHN BAssociate: Jon KarlungAndreas Norman  Decreased possession-30,000     3,551,000
11/11/2009BAHN BPär Ström  Increased possession5,000     5,000
11/11/2009BAHN BLars Perers  Increased possession10,000     10,000
11/4/2009BAHN BAssociate: Jon KarlungAndreas Norman  Decreased possession-200,000     3,581,000
10/27/2009BAHN BEric Hasselqvist  Increased possession15,000     15,000
10/21/2009BAHN BAndreas Norman  Decreased possession-11,000     0
8/31/2009BAHN BAndreas Norman  Decreased possession-5,000     11,000
8/28/2009BAHN BAndreas Norman  Decreased possession-15,500     16,000
8/26/2009BAHN BAndreas Norman  Decreased possession-6,500     31,500
6/12/2009BAHN BAndreas Norman  Decreased possession-4,000     38,000
6/10/2009BAHN BAndreas Norman  Decreased possession-8,000     42,000
4/28/2009BAHN BAssociate: Jon KarlungAndreas Norman  Decreased possession-2,000,000     3,781,000
6/27/2008BAHN BAssociate: Jon KarlungAndreas Norman  Increased possession10,500     5,781,000
1/18/2008BAHN AAssociate: Jon KarlungAndreas Norman  Started possession3,000,000     3,000,000
1/18/2008BAHN BTobias Lewén  Started possession61,500     61,500
1/18/2008BAHN BAndreas Norman  Started possession50,000     50,000
1/18/2008BAHN BJon Karlung  Started possession50,000     50,000
1/18/2008BAHN BAssociate: Jon KarlungAndreas Norman  Started possession5,770,500     5,770,500
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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