Insiders in Interfox Resources

Piers Gormly2/18/2009   12/20/2013
Tore Hallberg2/18/2009   12/20/2013
Reijo Hämäläinen2/18/2009   12/31/2013
Patric Perenius2/18/2009   
Kerstin Simonsson2/18/2009   1/8/2014
My Simonsson2/18/2009   5/5/2009
Hans Janzon3/25/2011   12/20/2013
Jens Bruno12/20/2013   
Jan Lundström12/20/2013   
Anders Thorsell12/20/2013   
Max Renard1/14/2014   

Transactions in shares on Interfox Resources

DateTransgressionName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
4/1/2014IFOX BAssociate: Max Renard  Started possession50,000     50,000
3/24/2014IFOX BAssociate: Max Renard  Started possession286,035,066     286,035,066
2/14/2014IFOX BJan Lundström  Rights Issue7,000,000     7,000,000
1/10/2014IFOX BPatric Perenius  Shares lent (loaned) out-2,000,000     666,966
2/2/2012IFOX BReijo Hämäläinen  Started possession1,000     1,000
8/26/2010IFOX BAssociate: Tore Hallberg Late reporting
142 days
Trade: 8/26/2010,
Reported: 3/24/2011  
Increased possession477,000     4,948,263
2/8/2010IFOX BTore Hallberg  Correction-5,749,540     0
2/8/2010IFOX BAssociate: Tore Hallberg  Correction4,471,263     4,471,263
2/8/2010IFOX BAssociate: Tore Hallberg  Correction1,278,227     1,278,227
2/8/2010ARCH AAssociate: Tore Hallberg   Correction of erroneous reporting600,545     600,545
2/8/2010ARCH AAssociate: Tore Hallberg   Correction of erroneous reporting549,999     549,999
9/15/2009IFOX BPatric Perenius Late reporting
91 days
Trade: 9/15/2009,
Reported: 2/2/2010  
Rights Issue1,974,455     2,666,966
9/15/2009IFOX BTore Hallberg Late reporting
91 days
Trade: 9/15/2009,
Reported: 2/2/2010  
Rights Issue1,974,455     5,749,540
2/18/2009IFOX BPatric Perenius  Started possession692,511     692,511
2/18/2009ARCH APatric Perenius Late reporting
235 days
Trade: 2/18/2009,
Reported: 2/2/2010  
Correction of erroneous reporting900,545     900,545
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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