New rules valid from July 3, 2016

On July 3, 2016, the European Parliament Regulation (596/2014 / EU) on market abuse came into force and became directly applicable to Swedish law. Regulation includes, among other things, new rules for insiders (hereinafter "people in positions").

People in leadership positions in companies listed on AktieTorget are, from 3 July 2016, to report their transactions in the listed company to the Financial Regulatory Board (FI) ( and to the company. AktieTorget's insider list and notification requirement has because of this ceased to be in force after market close on Friday, July 1, 2016. Previously reported transactions will appear on AktieTorget's website during a transitional period.

More information about the new rules can be found on FI's website:

If there are any questions, please call us at +46 (0)8-511 68 000, or send us a mail at

Insiders 2007-07-21 — 2016-07-01

Jan-Olof Eriksson3/29/2007   5/3/2007
Hans Asp3/29/2007   3/17/2008
Tomas Thim3/29/2007   4/1/2009
Ingela Olofson3/29/2007   4/25/2010
Gullvi Borgström3/29/2007   5/10/2011
Alf Johansson3/29/2007   5/10/2011
Jens Rydell3/29/2007   5/10/2011
Mikael Smedeby5/3/2007   5/10/2011
Erik Duvner1/7/2009   5/10/2011
Jonas Borgardt3/29/2007   5/15/2011
Ove Ekström3/29/2007   7/21/2011
Marléne Lönnqvist11/5/2009   1/27/2012
Susanna Hammarberg3/29/2007   3/1/2012
Mikael Jonsson4/16/2010   3/1/2012
Lawe Wennerholm5/10/2011   5/23/2012
Anders Unnerstad3/29/2007   6/10/2013
Bo Richter5/10/2011   4/11/2014
Sofia Hultberg11/5/2009   5/23/2014
Henrik Bernhardsson4/16/2010   5/23/2014
Maria Reinholdsson6/10/2013   5/23/2014
Mikael Larsson4/11/2011   12/31/2014
Cecilia Åhlin1/30/2012   1/31/2015
Britt Sandberg3/29/2007   
Anders Östlund4/1/2008   
Jonas Sunryd1/11/2010   
Roger Gadde5/10/2011   
Bengt Lindahl5/10/2011   
Johan Öhlund2/20/2012   
Patrik Johansson2/28/2012   
Thomas Gustafsson5/23/2012   
Per-Ove Jönsson5/23/2012   
Karl Eriksson11/4/2013   
Kristina Molin Blomqvist11/8/2013   
Ilone Elvin8/26/2015   
Victoria Grip3/24/2016   
Daniel Segerholm5/1/2016   

Insider Transactions 2007-07-21 — 2016-07-01

DateTickerName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
5/31/2016ELVJonas Sunryd  Increased possession1,000     2,000
5/30/2016ELVJonas Sunryd  Started possession1,000     1,000
11/29/2012ELVRoger Gadde  Increased possession125     300
3/20/2012ELVRoger Gadde  Increased possession75     175
5/26/2011ELVRoger Gadde  Increased possession60     100
5/24/2011ELVRoger Gadde  Increased possession40     40
5/10/2011ELVBengt Lindahl Late reporting
6 days
Trade: 5/10/2011,
Reported: 5/25/2011  
Started possession1,000     1,000
5/2/2011ELVAnders Unnerstad  Increased possession100     5,700
4/29/2011ELVAnders Unnerstad  Increased possession600     5,600
10/7/2010ELVOve Ekström  Increased possession600     17,000
2/12/2009ELVAssociate: Jens Rydell   Correction of erroneous reporting3,000     4,500
11/21/2007ELVOve Ekström  Decreased possession-14,600     16,400
11/20/2007ELVHans Asp  Decreased possession-29,930     7,000
11/20/2007ELVHans Asp  Decreased possession-7,200     36,930
3/29/2007ELVAssociate: Jens Rydell  Started possession1,500     1,500
3/29/2007ELVBritt Sandberg  Started possession1,500     1,500
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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