Star Vault: Mortal Online Alfa release

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As previously announced the internal release of the Alfa-version of Mortal Online has been completed on Monday December 1st and Mortal Online has now been listed on one of the major game rating sites

Together with the development team and Henrik Nyström, CEO, 7 invited guests were the first gamers to actually test the Alfa version of Mortal Online. As expected there are a number of bugs and not all the features are implemented, but overall the Alfa release performs as expected. More information about the Alfa will be released in the Mortal Online Newsletter in December.

During December the Alfa testing will be completed together with the preparations for the Beta-phase. Beta development will start in January 2009.

Mortal Online has now also been listed on one of the major global game sites and is from now on visible to the global community of gamers that frequently visit to make decisions on what games to buy and play.
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Mortal Online forum has 5000 members and has been visited by over 200 000 unique visitors from 169 countries, since the start in early 2008. The fans that are registered are very active and give the development team support in decision-making for key features in Mortal Online, which is very much appreciated by the Star Vault Team.

For additional information please contact:

Henrik Nyström, Board member and CEO
Visiting Adress:
Stadiongatan 60
217 62 Malmö

Tel: 040-13 89 40
Fax: 040-13 61 51

Star Vault is a game developer based in Malmö, Sweden. The company is today developing an online game called Mortal Online, which is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG).

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