AktieTorget: Marknadsmeddelande 197/17 - AktieTorget's updated time plan for migration to the Elasticia trading platform

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As previously announced AktieTorget has decided it will be moving its trading onto the Nordic Growth Market (NGM) Elasticia trading platform. The new platform is scheduled to be live on November 17th, 2017. 

The migration process is communicated through NGM Forum – Elasticia Participant (a.k.a. ngm-dev). The migration is further described on http://www.ngm.se/aktietorget/ 

If you require access to this forum please contact:

NGM Support
+46 8 566 390 60

Below is a summary of information that recently has been published through NGM Forum.

First day of trading: Friday 17 November 2017
System: NGM's running instance of Elasticia
Market segments: New market segments will be added in Elastica for AktieTorget.
Market data/reference data: A new market data gateway will be added which will supply AktieTorget's instruments and market data.
Testing: Testing will be provided with the production setup of AktieTorget's instruments in September.

Member's already trading on Elasticia can use existing accounts for trading at AktieTorget. A new market segment and a new market date gateway will be added for AktieTorget instruments. The Market segment structure will be the following:

Description  SegmentID  ParentID  MIC  Currency 
Aktietorget  AM     XSAT  SEK 
Aktietorget SE  AMSE  AM  XSAT  SEK 

AktieTorget's market data will be included in NGM's market data distribution.

Additional details on testing and time plan is communicated through NGM Forum.

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Publicerat: 7/17/2017 9:30:11 AM

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