Fundior: Fundior now controls 58% of the shares in ICT Norden Fastigheter AB

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Fundior AB has today together with its subsidiary Fundior Finans & Försäkring Ltd acquired further 25.35% of the shares in ICT Norden Fastigheter AB from Jan Wilhelmsson and JCW Invest AB. The purchase price is a total of 8,191,430 SEK and the completion date is 30th of April 2012. Fundior have received from Jan Wilhelmsson a general power of attorney to immediately use those shares to vote which totally gives Fundior AB 58.04% of the votes in ICT.

Fundior will not make a public offer to the remaining shareholders in ICT in the connection with the takeover since Fundior already had a public offer to the shareholders of ICT in June 2010. This was in connection when Fundiors ownership increased to 31.67% in ICT and Fundior is therefore not obliged to make a public offer again. Fundior, however, intends to buy more shares of ICT.

Fundior has requested that the board of ICT will convene an extra general meeting to elect a new board for ICT Norden Fastigheter AB.

"I'm glad to see that Fundior finally has reached the goal to acquire ICT. This will give Fundior greater financial resources to further develop our financial services and investment products," says Reijo Kirstua, CEO of Fundior AB.

ICT shareholders who have any questions about the consequences of Fundior's takeover can contact our Project Manager Erik Lundell at 0723 240610 or by e-mail at

For more information, please contact

Reijo Kirstua, CEO
Fundior AB (publ)
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Publicerat: 3/2/2012 1:19:14 PM

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