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Company NameMabi Rent AB
Company Idea

"Mabi Rent(publ) äger och förvaltar aktier i de rörelsedrivande bolagen Mabi Hyrbilar, Mabi Deutschland, Autoexpo och Expoautos."

CEO  André Schleemann
Chairman of the Board  Svante Carlsson
Board  Svante Carlsson
Stig Edling
Tommy Smidestam
Bo Törnblom
No of Employees  35
No of Owners  334
Articles Of Association  Bolagsordning 20110504.pdf
Registration Number  556675-9394
Visiting Address  Sandhamnsgatan 63 C, 3 tr
Delivery Address  Box 27272
Zip Code  102 53
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e-Mail Address  
Telephone  08-566 420 71

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Instrument Information

Stock Name  Mabi Rent
Ticker Name  MABI
ISIN Number  SE0002294264
OrderBookID  76144
Number of shares  6,333,333
Par value  1.0 SEK
First Traded  6/16/2010
Instrument Type  Share

Major Share Holders (according to Euroclear) - per 12/31/2013 **

NameCapital %Votes %
Tommy Smidestam30.1630.16 
Svante Carlsson Invest AB10.3510.35 
Motorcentrum i Kumla AB10.0110.01 
Ålandsbanken AB, W8IMY6.106.10 
André Schleemann5.525.52 

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  • Mäster Samuelsgatan 42
  • 111 57 Stockholm
  • Telefon: 08 - 511 68 000
  • info(snabel-a)aktietorget(punkt)se