Insiders in Consensus

Lennart Andersson5/4/2009   
Christer Elander4/27/2011   
Anders Hedin2/27/2013   
Fredrik Körner5/22/2014   
Jan Litborn9/18/2012   
Uwe Löffler4/27/2011   
Claes-Göran Nilsson9/18/2012   
Patrik Soko8/1/2013   
Anders Wright5/22/2014   
Jan Alkmark5/29/2013   5/22/2014
Sven-Erik Eriksson1/2/2012   2/15/2013
Robert Jarl5/4/2009   4/27/2011
Carl-Magnus Kindal5/4/2009   5/22/2014
Kristina Kindal5/4/2009   9/18/2012
Bo Myhrman5/4/2009   4/27/2011
Per Thorén5/4/2009   3/17/2014
Stig Wallén5/4/2009   4/27/2011

Transactions in shares on Consensus

DateTransgressionName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
7/29/2014CAM BAssociate: Anders Wright  Non-cash issue17,369,622     17,369,622
7/29/2014CAM BAssociate: Fredrik Körner  Non-cash issue17,369,622     17,369,622
7/29/2014CAM BAssociate: Claes-Göran NilssonAnders Hedin  Non-cash issue86,848,113     86,848,113
5/15/2013THK AAssociate: Claes-Göran Nilsson  Decreased possession-1,730,000     17,039,771
5/15/2013THK AAssociate: Anders Hedin  Decreased possession-1,730,000     17,039,771
4/5/2013CAM BAssociate: Carl-Magnus Kindal  New Issue550,555     1,873,445
4/5/2013THK AAssociate: Carl-Magnus Kindal  New Issue34,581     309,581
4/5/2013THK ACarl-Magnus Kindal  New Issue41,875     374,875
4/5/2013CAM BAssociate: Claes-Göran Nilsson  New Issue5,135,000     23,540,000
4/5/2013THK AAssociate: Claes-Göran Nilsson  New Issue611,772     18,769,771
4/5/2013THK AAssociate: Anders Hedin  New Issue611,772     18,769,771
4/5/2013CAM BAssociate: Anders Hedin  New Issue5,135,000     23,540,000
4/5/2013CAM BAssociate: Christer Elander  New Issue855,747     2,093,247
3/26/2013CAM BLennart Andersson  New Issue18,375     21,375
3/26/2013CAM BAssociate: Carl-Magnus Kindal  New Issue891,260     1,322,890
3/26/2013CAM BAssociate: Carl-Magnus Kindal  New Issue133,000     199,500
3/26/2013CAM BAssociate: Carl-Magnus Kindal  New Issue50,800     76,200
3/26/2013THK AAssociate: Uwe Löffler  New Issue1,000,000     1,500,000
3/26/2013CAM BAssociate: Claes-Göran Nilsson  New Issue13,270,000     18,405,000
3/26/2013THK AAssociate: Claes-Göran Nilsson  New Issue13,292,999     18,157,999
3/26/2013THK AAssociate: Anders Hedin  New Issue13,292,999     18,157,999
3/26/2013CAM BAssociate: Anders Hedin  New Issue13,270,000     18,405,000
3/26/2013CAM BAssociate: Christer Elander  New Issue825,000     1,237,500
3/26/2013CAM BCarl-Magnus Kindal  New Issue3,200,000     3,200,000
2/27/2013THK AAssociate: Anders Hedin  Started possession4,865,000     4,865,000
2/27/2013CAM BAssociate: Anders Hedin  Started possession5,135,000     5,135,000
2/27/2013CAM BAssociate: Christer Elander  Increased possession412,500     412,500
2/27/2013CAM BAssociate: Uwe Löffler  Started possession5,000,000     5,000,000
10/16/2012CAM BAssociate: Claes-Göran Nilsson  Started possession5,135,000     5,135,000
10/16/2012THK AAssociate: Claes-Göran Nilsson  Started possession4,865,000     4,865,000
5/31/2012THK AAssociate: Uwe Löffler  Decreased possession-978,000     500,000
5/31/2012THK ACarl-Magnus Kindal  Increased possession333,000     333,000
1/25/2012THK AAssociate: Uwe Löffler  Increased possession978,000     1,478,000
1/2/2012THK AAssociate: Sven-Erik Eriksson  Increased possession650,000     650,000
1/2/2012THK KOAssociate: Sven-Erik Eriksson  Increased possession350,000     350,000
10/13/2011THK AAssociate: Carl-Magnus Kindal  Increased possession399,999     399,999
9/30/2011THK AKristina Kindal  Decreased possession-1,000,000     2,075,000
9/30/2011THK AAssociate: Uwe Löffler  Increased possession500,000     500,000
9/15/2011THK AKristina Kindal  Decreased possession-650,000     3,075,000
9/15/2011THK KOKristina Kindal  Call Option Issued-350,000     -350,000
7/14/2010CAM BAssociate: Robert Jarl  Decreased possession-1,000     1,460,768
7/13/2010CAM BAssociate: Robert Jarl  Decreased possession-982     1,461,768
7/12/2010CAM BAssociate: Robert Jarl  Decreased possession-10,000     1,462,750
1/29/2010CAM BKristina Kindal Late reporting
2 days
Trade: 1/29/2010,
Reported: 2/9/2010  
Decreased possession-500,000     1,613,850
1/29/2010THK AKristina Kindal Late reporting
2 days
Trade: 1/29/2010,
Reported: 2/9/2010  
Decreased possession-1,500,000     3,725,000
1/29/2010THK AAssociate: Robert Jarl Late reporting
2 days
Trade: 1/29/2010,
Reported: 2/9/2010  
Increased possession150,000     150,000
5/4/2009CAM BLennart Andersson  Started possession3,000     3,000
5/4/2009CAM BAssociate: Carl-Magnus Kindal  Started possession431,630     431,630
5/4/2009THK AAssociate: Carl-Magnus Kindal  Started possession275,000     275,000
5/4/2009CAM BAssociate: Carl-Magnus Kindal  Started possession66,500     66,500
5/4/2009CAM BAssociate: Carl-Magnus Kindal  Started possession25,400     25,400
5/4/2009CAM BAssociate: Carl-Magnus Kindal  Started possession3,000,000     3,000,000
5/4/2009CAM BAssociate: Robert Jarl  Started possession1,472,750     1,472,750
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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