New rules valid from July 3, 2016

On July 3, 2016, the European Parliament Regulation (596/2014 / EU) on market abuse came into force and became directly applicable to Swedish law. Regulation includes, among other things, new rules for insiders (hereinafter "people in positions").

People in leadership positions in companies listed on AktieTorget are, from 3 July 2016, to report their transactions in the listed company to the Financial Regulatory Board (FI) ( and to the company. AktieTorget's insider list and notification requirement has because of this ceased to be in force after market close on Friday, July 1, 2016. Previously reported transactions will appear on AktieTorget's website during a transitional period.

More information about the new rules can be found on FI's website:

If there are any questions, please call us at +46 (0)8-511 68 000, or send us a mail at

Insiders 2007-07-21 — 2016-07-01

Stefan Årström5/25/2015   
Jan-Christer Berggren4/16/2009   
Carl Borrebaeck6/7/2013   
Stephan Dymling6/10/2011   
Lars-Erik T Eriksson4/16/2009   
Arne Ferstad6/7/2013   
Rolf Kiessling6/7/2013   
Ingmar Malm5/25/2015   
Dan Mogren5/25/2015   
Gunilla Savring5/25/2015   
Karl-Göran Tranberg4/16/2009   
Hans von Celsing6/10/2010   
Dan Andersson4/16/2009   7/1/2009
Åsa Blidegård6/10/2011   6/7/2013
Magnus Bolmsjö12/14/2009   6/7/2013
Christian Ehrenborg4/16/2009   12/14/2009
Pär Henriksson4/16/2009   6/10/2010
Kjell Ivarsson6/10/2011   2/6/2013
Peter Jungbeck4/16/2009   7/10/2011
Leif Smeby4/16/2009   12/14/2009
Patrik Söderlund4/16/2009   12/14/2009
Fredrik Westman2/21/2013   2/4/2014

Insider Transactions 2007-07-21 — 2016-07-01

DateTickerName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
4/25/2016CLS TR BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Unexercised-790,530     0
2/10/2016CLS BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Rights Issue11,076     1,207,499
2/5/2016CLS BStephan Dymling  Rights Issue1,708     12,820
2/4/2016CLS TR BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson Late reporting
3 days
Trade: 2/4/2016,
Reported: 2/16/2016  
Decreased possession-896,032     0
2/4/2016CLS TR BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson Late reporting
3 days
Trade: 2/4/2016,
Reported: 2/16/2016  
Rights Issue896,032     896,032
10/20/2015CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-10,000     696,031
7/10/2015CLS BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Decreased possession-10,565     1,196,423
12/4/2014CLS BJan-Christer Berggren  Rights Issue553     4,428
11/19/2014CLS BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Increased possession12,000     1,206,988
11/19/2014CLS BStephan Dymling  Rights Issue1,389     11,112
11/19/2014CLS TR BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Unexercised-70,000     0
11/19/2014CLS TR BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-836,031     70,000
11/17/2014CLS TR BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson Late reporting
1 days
Trade: 11/17/2014,
Reported: 11/25/2014  
New Issue906,031     906,031
10/20/2014CLS BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg   Correction of erroneous reporting-10,000     1,194,988
9/10/2014CLS BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Correction29,282     1,204,988
9/5/2014CLS BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Decreased possession-30,996     1,175,706
9/5/2014CLS BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Decreased possession-29,282     1,206,702
9/4/2014CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-10,000     706,031
7/22/2014CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-20,000     716,031
6/3/2014CLS BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Decreased possession-23,403     1,235,984
5/14/2014CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-10,000     736,031
4/17/2014CLS BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Decreased possession-16,597     1,259,387
4/4/2014CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-20,000     746,031
3/7/2014CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-10,000     766,031
1/8/2014CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-10,000     776,031
11/20/2013CLS BJan-Christer Berggren Late reporting
255 days
Trade: 11/20/2013,
Reported: 12/5/2014  
Rights Issue553     3,875
11/18/2013CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-10,000     786,031
10/29/2013CLS BEndowment policy: Fredrik Westman  Rights Issue1,747     24,834
10/29/2013CLS BAssociate: Fredrik Westman  Rights Issue232     1,632
10/29/2013CLS BAssociate: Fredrik Westman  Rights Issue274     1,919
10/29/2013CLS BAssociate: Fredrik Westman  Rights Issue240     1,685
10/24/2013CLS BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  New Issue10,000     1,275,984
10/24/2013CLS BStephan Dymling  Rights Issue1,389     9,723
10/23/2013CLS BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  New Issue20,000     1,265,984
10/22/2013CLS TR BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-996,029     0
10/21/2013CLS TR BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Decreased possession-545,910     790,530
10/17/2013CLS TR BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Decreased possession-109,544     1,336,440
10/10/2013CLS TR BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg Late reporting
1 days
Trade: 10/10/2013,
Reported: 10/19/2013  
New Issue1,445,984     1,445,984
10/10/2013CLS TR BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson Late reporting
5 days
Trade: 10/10/2013,
Reported: 10/24/2013  
New Issue996,029     996,029
8/21/2013CLS BEndowment policy: Fredrik Westman  Increased possession2,250     23,087
7/19/2013CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-10,000     796,031
5/31/2013CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-20,000     806,031
4/5/2013CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-20,000     826,031
2/21/2013CLS BEndowment policy: Fredrik Westman  Started possession20,837     20,837
2/21/2013CLS BAssociate: Fredrik Westman  Started possession1,400     1,400
2/21/2013CLS BAssociate: Fredrik Westman  Started possession1,645     1,645
2/21/2013CLS BAssociate: Fredrik Westman  Started possession1,445     1,445
2/12/2013CLS BJan-Christer Berggren  Increased possession2,000     3,322
2/6/2013CLS BJan-Christer Berggren  Increased possession1,000     1,322
1/18/2013CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-10,000     846,031
1/14/2013CLS BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Decreased possession-20,000     1,245,984
1/2/2013CLS BJan-Christer Berggren Late reporting
479 days
Trade: 1/2/2013,
Reported: 12/5/2014  
Increased possession186     322
12/12/2012CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-8,334     856,031
12/12/2012CLS BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Increased possession10,802     1,265,984
12/12/2012CLS BStephan Dymling  Increased possession8,334     8,334
12/10/2012CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-15,000     864,365
11/8/2012CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-10,000     879,365
9/21/2012CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-10,000     889,365
9/7/2012CLS BJan-Christer Berggren  Decreased possession-3,000     136
7/20/2012CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-12,000     899,365
7/10/2012CLS BJan-Christer Berggren Late reporting
600 days
Trade: 7/10/2012,
Reported: 12/5/2014  
Increased possession136     3,136
5/16/2012CLS BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg Late reporting
115 days
Trade: 5/16/2012,
Reported: 11/5/2012  
Increased possession8,000     1,255,182
5/3/2012CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-12,000     911,365
3/13/2012CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-10,000     923,365
2/6/2012CLS BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg Late reporting
184 days
Trade: 2/6/2012,
Reported: 11/5/2012  
Increased possession21,182     1,247,182
12/22/2011CLS BJan-Christer Berggren  Increased possession1,600     3,000
12/20/2011CLS BJan-Christer Berggren  Increased possession1,400     1,400
12/2/2011CLS BJan-Christer Berggren  Decreased possession-2,800     0
11/30/2011CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-10,000     933,365
10/12/2011CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-10,000     943,365
9/16/2011CLS 2011-2014Magnus Bolmsjö  Increased possession50,000     50,000
8/30/2011CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-10,000     953,365
7/14/2011CLS 2011-2014Åsa Blidegård  Started possession50,000     50,000
7/14/2011CLS 2011-2014Stephan Dymling  Increased possession100,000     100,000
7/11/2011CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-20,000     963,365
6/20/2011CLS TO 1 BHans von Celsing  Increased possession150,000     150,000
5/9/2011CLS BJan-Christer Berggren  Increased possession2,800     2,800
5/6/2011CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-40,000     983,365
4/7/2011CLS BAssociate: Peter Jungbeck  Rights Issue26,500     226,500
4/7/2011CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Rights Issue50,000     1,023,365
4/7/2011CLS BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Rights Issue50,000     1,226,000
4/7/2011CLS BTAAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Rights Issue-50,000     0
4/7/2011CLS BTAAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Rights Issue-50,000     0
4/7/2011CLS BTAAssociate: Peter Jungbeck  Rights Issue-26,500     0
3/25/2011CLS BJan-Christer Berggren  Decreased possession-2,400     0
3/14/2011CLS BTAAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson Late reporting
15 days
Trade: 3/14/2011,
Reported: 4/10/2011  
Rights Issue50,000     50,000
3/14/2011CLS BTAAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg Late reporting
15 days
Trade: 3/14/2011,
Reported: 4/11/2011  
Rights Issue50,000     50,000
3/14/2011CLS BTAAssociate: Peter Jungbeck Late reporting
15 days
Trade: 3/14/2011,
Reported: 4/11/2011  
Rights Issue26,500     26,500
3/14/2011CLS TO 1 BAssociate: Peter Jungbeck Late reporting
15 days
Trade: 3/14/2011,
Reported: 4/11/2011  
Rights Issue-26,500     0
3/14/2011CLS TO 1 BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson Late reporting
15 days
Trade: 3/14/2011,
Reported: 4/10/2011  
Rights Issue-50,000     0
3/14/2011CLS URAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg Late reporting
15 days
Trade: 3/14/2011,
Reported: 4/11/2011  
Rights Issue-50,000     0
3/9/2011CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-12,000     973,365
2/28/2011CLS BJan-Christer Berggren  Increased possession2,400     2,400
1/31/2011CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson Late reporting
1 days
Trade: 1/31/2011,
Reported: 2/8/2011  
Decreased possession-4,675     985,365
1/31/2011CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-12,000     990,040
1/28/2011CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-4,460     1,002,040
1/19/2011CLS BJan-Christer Berggren Late reporting
12 days
Trade: 1/19/2011,
Reported: 2/12/2011  
Decreased possession-1,500     0
1/18/2011CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-10,000     1,006,500
1/10/2011CLS BAssociate: Peter Jungbeck  Decreased possession-64,051     200,000
12/17/2010CLS BAssociate: Peter Jungbeck  Decreased possession-1,210     264,051
12/17/2010CLS BAssociate: Peter Jungbeck  Decreased possession-18,019     265,261
12/13/2010CLS TO 1 BAssociate: Peter Jungbeck  Rights Issue26,500     26,500
12/9/2010CLS BAssociate: Peter Jungbeck  Decreased possession-20,192     283,280
12/7/2010CLS BAssociate: Peter Jungbeck  Decreased possession-41,978     303,472
12/3/2010CLS BAssociate: Peter Jungbeck  Decreased possession-54,550     345,450
10/21/2010CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-20,000     1,016,500
6/15/2010CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-1,618     1,036,500
6/9/2010CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-27,382     1,038,118
4/30/2010CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-5,000     1,065,500
4/30/2010CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-5,000     1,070,500
4/30/2010CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-5,000     1,075,500
4/29/2010CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-500     1,080,500
4/29/2010CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-3,000     1,081,000
4/28/2010CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-1,000     1,084,000
4/26/2010CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-4,000     1,085,000
2/16/2010CLS URAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Unexercised-551,986     0
2/15/2010CLS URAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Convert-250,000     551,986
2/13/2010CLS BAssociate: Peter Jungbeck Late reporting
205 days
Trade: 2/13/2010,
Reported: 12/10/2010  
Rights Issue53,000     400,000
2/11/2010CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Convert100,000     1,089,000
2/11/2010CLS TO 1 BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Rights Issue50,000     50,000
2/7/2010CLS BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Rights Issue100,000     1,176,000
2/7/2010CLS URAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Rights Issue50,000     50,000
2/5/2010CLS URAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-100,000     801,986
2/5/2010CLS URAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-45,680     901,986
2/4/2010CLS URAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-241,334     947,666
2/2/2010CLS BPär Henriksson  Terminated possession-2,000     0
2/2/2010CLS URPär Henriksson  Decreased possession-2,000     0
1/27/2010CLS URPär Henriksson Late reporting
2 days
Trade: 1/27/2010,
Reported: 2/6/2010  
Rights Issue2,000     2,000
1/27/2010CLS URAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson Late reporting
3 days
Trade: 1/27/2010,
Reported: 2/7/2010  
Rights Issue1,189,000     1,189,000
9/14/2009CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-4,000     989,000
9/2/2009CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-3,500     993,000
8/18/2009CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-20,616     996,500
8/6/2009CLS BPär Henriksson  Started possession2,000     2,000
7/28/2009CLS BAssociate: Peter Jungbeck  Started possession2,000     2,000
7/27/2009CLS BAssociate: Peter Jungbeck  Started possession2,000     2,000
7/23/2009CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Decreased possession-58,884     1,017,116
4/29/2009CLS AAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Started possession200,000     200,000
4/29/2009CLS AAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Started possession200,000     200,000
4/29/2009CLS BAssociate: Lars-Erik T Eriksson  Started possession1,076,000     1,076,000
4/29/2009CLS BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Correction50,000     1,076,000
4/29/2009CLS BAssociate: Karl-Göran Tranberg  Started possession1,026,000     1,026,000
4/27/2009CLS BAssociate: Peter Jungbeck  Started possession347,000     347,000
4/22/2009CLS BJan-Christer Berggren  Increased possession1,500     1,500
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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