Insiders in EcoRub

Ulf Bergström5/8/2014   
Bo Hammarström5/8/2014   
Bengt Ingvar Jakobsson6/11/2010   
Gunnar Larsson6/11/2010   
Nils-Eric Öquist6/11/2010   
Åke Paulsson6/11/2010   
Kurt Westermark6/11/2010   9/1/2014

Transactions in shares on EcoRub

DateTransgressionName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
6/11/2010ECO AÅke Paulsson  Started possession560,000     560,000
6/11/2010ECO AGunnar Larsson  Started possession100,000     100,000
6/11/2010ECO ABengt Ingvar Jakobsson  Started possession30,000     30,000
6/11/2010ECO AAssociate: Nils-Eric Öquist  Started possession250,000     250,000
6/11/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Started possession808,000     808,000
6/11/2010ECO BAssociate: Åke Paulsson  Started possession20,000     20,000
6/11/2010ECO BBengt Ingvar Jakobsson  Started possession47,200     47,200
6/11/2010ECO BGunnar Larsson  Started possession200,000     200,000
6/11/2010ECO BAssociate: Nils-Eric Öquist  Started possession82,500     82,500
6/11/2010ECO BAssociate: Nils-Eric Öquist  Started possession80,000     80,000
6/11/2010ECO BAssociate: Nils-Eric Öquist  Started possession272,500     272,500
6/17/2010ECO BKurt Westermark  Decreased possession-1,060     41,440
6/21/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession1,000     809,000
6/21/2010ECO BGunnar Larsson  Decreased possession-1,000     199,000
6/24/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession1,020     810,020
6/28/2010ECO BGunnar Larsson  Decreased possession-1,000     198,000
6/29/2010ECO BKurt Westermark Late reporting
12 days
Trade: 6/29/2010,
Reported: 7/22/2010  
Decreased possession-1,060     40,380
7/1/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession1,000     811,020
7/1/2010ECO BGunnar Larsson  Decreased possession-2,110     195,890
7/2/2010ECO BGunnar Larsson  Decreased possession-1,000     194,890
7/16/2010ECO BKurt Westermark  Decreased possession-1,000     40,455
7/16/2010ECO BKurt Westermark  Increased possession1,075     41,455
7/21/2010ECO BKurt Westermark  Decreased possession-1,455     39,000
7/28/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession2,550     813,570
8/25/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession500     815,150
8/25/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession1,080     814,650
8/30/2010ECO BKurt Westermark  Increased possession600     39,600
9/17/2010ECO BKurt Westermark  Increased possession900     40,500
9/28/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession300     815,900
9/28/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession450     815,600
10/11/2010ECO BKurt Westermark  Increased possession1,500     42,000
10/11/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession100     816,000
10/15/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession200     816,200
10/22/2010ECO BGunnar Larsson  Decreased possession-200     194,690
10/27/2010ECO BKurt Westermark  Increased possession1,000     43,000
10/28/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession1,100     817,300
11/3/2010ECO BKurt Westermark  Increased possession1,000     44,000
11/12/2010ECO BKurt Westermark  Increased possession1,000     45,000
11/29/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession400     817,700
11/30/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession100     817,800
12/1/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession1,000     821,040
12/1/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession2,240     820,040
12/3/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession1,660     822,700
12/3/2010ECO BAssociate: Åke Paulsson  Increased possession590     20,930
12/3/2010ECO BAssociate: Åke Paulsson  Increased possession340     20,340
12/15/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession50     824,825
12/15/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession1,075     824,775
12/15/2010ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession1,000     823,700
12/20/2010ECO BKurt Westermark  Increased possession1,000     46,000
1/18/2011ECO BKurt Westermark  Decreased possession-1,000     45,000
3/1/2011ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession1,925     826,750
3/15/2011ECO BAssociate: Åke Paulsson  Increased possession6,182     6,182
3/16/2011ECO BAssociate: Åke Paulsson  Increased possession3,400     9,582
3/28/2011ECO BAssociate: Åke Paulsson  Increased possession450     10,032
9/21/2011ECO TR BÅke Paulsson  Decreased possession-185,285     -185,135
9/21/2011ECO TR BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession150     150
9/21/2011ECO TR BNils-Eric Öquist  Increased possession228,571     228,571
9/21/2011ECO TR BAssociate: Nils-Eric Öquist  Decreased possession-272,500     -272,500
9/21/2011ECO TR BAssociate: Nils-Eric Öquist  Increased possession124,643     124,643
10/4/2011ECO TR BKurt Westermark   Correction of erroneous reporting-22,500     0
10/4/2011ECO TR BKurt Westermark  Increased possession22,500     22,500
10/27/2011ECO BKurt Westermark  Increased possession22,500     67,500
10/27/2011ECO BAssociate: Åke Paulsson  Increased possession10,465     31,395
10/27/2011ECO BAssociate: Åke Paulsson  Increased possession5,016     15,048
10/28/2011ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession2,660     830,370
10/28/2011ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession160     827,710
10/28/2011ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession800     827,550
10/31/2011ECO BBengt Ingvar Jakobsson  Increased possession5,000     52,200
10/31/2011ECO BAssociate: Nils-Eric Öquist  Rights Issue228,571     311,071
10/31/2011ECO BNils-Eric Öquist  Rights Issue114,285     114,285
10/31/2011ECO TR BNils-Eric Öquist  Rights Issue-228,571     0
10/31/2011ECO TR BAssociate: Nils-Eric Öquist  Rights Issue-124,643     0
11/25/2011ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession2,993     833,363
1/4/2012ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession4,445     837,808
1/5/2012ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession1,500     839,308
1/30/2012ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession2,515     841,823
2/29/2012ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession1,900     843,723
4/13/2012ECO BAssociate: Åke Paulsson  Increased possession1,700     16,748
5/4/2012ECO BAssociate: Åke Paulsson  Increased possession100     16,848
5/16/2012ECO BÅke Paulsson  Increased possession200     843,923
5/31/2012ECO BAssociate: Åke Paulsson  Increased possession635     32,030
6/27/2012ECO BKurt Westermark  Increased possession1,160     68,660
7/11/2013ECO BAssociate: Åke Paulsson  Increased possession1,135     17,983
7/12/2013ECO BAssociate: Åke Paulsson  Increased possession700     18,683
8/22/2013ECO BAssociate: Åke Paulsson  Increased possession100     18,783
8/23/2013ECO BAssociate: Åke Paulsson  Increased possession1,834     20,617
9/27/2013ECO URGunnar Larsson  Rights Issue294,690     294,690
10/3/2013ECO URÅke Paulsson  Rights Issue1,403,923     1,403,923
10/3/2013ECO URAssociate: Nils-Eric Öquist  Rights Issue561,071     561,071
10/3/2013ECO URAssociate: Åke Paulsson Late reporting
9 days
Trade: 10/3/2013,
Reported: 10/23/2013  
Rights Issue32,030     32,030
10/7/2013ECO URAssociate: Nils-Eric Öquist  Rights Issue-561,071     0
10/8/2013ECO URÅke Paulsson  Decreased possession-41,700     1,362,223
10/10/2013ECO URÅke Paulsson  Rights Issue-1,000,000     362,223
10/11/2013ECO URÅke Paulsson  Decreased possession-86,000     276,223
10/14/2013ECO URÅke Paulsson  Decreased possession-252,356     23,867
10/14/2013ECO URAssociate: Åke Paulsson  Decreased possession-20,617     0
10/14/2013ECO URAssociate: Åke Paulsson  Rights Issue20,617     20,617
10/14/2013ECO URBengt Ingvar Jakobsson  Decreased possession-82,200     0
10/14/2013ECO URBengt Ingvar Jakobsson  Rights Issue82,200     82,200
10/17/2013ECO URGunnar Larsson  Decreased possession-152,431     142,259
10/17/2013ECO URAssociate: Åke Paulsson  Decreased possession-32,030     0
10/24/2013ECO BAssociate: Nils-Eric Öquist Late reporting
95 days
Trade: 10/24/2013,
Reported: 3/21/2014  
Rights Issue833,334     1,144,405
10/24/2013ECO TO 1BAssociate: Nils-Eric Öquist Late reporting
95 days
Trade: 10/24/2013,
Reported: 3/21/2014  
Rights Issue833,334     833,334
10/24/2013ECO URÅke Paulsson  Unexercised-23,867     0
10/24/2013ECO URGunnar Larsson  Unexercised-142,259     0
3/1/2014ECO BKurt Westermark  Changes while not insider84,160     197,980
3/1/2014ECO BKurt Westermark  Changes while not insider45,160     113,820
3/1/2014ECO TO 1BKurt Westermark  Changes while not insider84,160     84,160
3/21/2014ECO BAssociate: Nils-Eric Öquist  Redeeming Option833,334     1,977,739
3/21/2014ECO TO 1BAssociate: Nils-Eric Öquist  Redeeming Option-833,334     0
8/29/2014ECO BKurt Westermark  Increased possession2,020     200,000
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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