Insiders in Biotech-IgG

Ulric Aspegrén5/3/2011   
Lars-Olof Hansson12/1/2011   
Dario Kriz5/3/2010   
Kirstin Kriz5/3/2011   
Margareta Kriz5/3/2010   
Margareta Krook5/3/2010   
Edvard Skodic5/3/2010   
Helene Vester3/16/2011   
Niklas C Andersson5/3/2010   5/3/2011
Alistair Hurst5/3/2010   1/19/2012
William Frank Hurst5/3/2010   5/3/2011
Sara Jensen6/28/2010   5/3/2011
Petrit Kaloshi8/26/2010   5/3/2011
Jan-Olof Lundin5/3/2010   5/3/2011
Bertil Nilsson5/3/2010   8/25/2010
Jonathan Phillips5/3/2010   5/3/2011
David Standen5/3/2010   8/25/2010

Transactions in shares on Biotech-IgG

DateTransgressionName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
11/12/2012BIGG BUlric Aspegrén Late reporting
21 days
Trade: 11/12/2012,
Reported: 12/18/2012  
Rights Issue500,000     3,113,000
11/12/2012BIGG BUlric Aspegrén  Rights Issue1,742,000     2,613,000
11/12/2012BIGG BTA BUlric Aspegrén  Rights Issue-1,742,000     0
9/4/2012BIGG BTA BUlric Aspegrén Late reporting
1 days
Trade: 9/4/2012,
Reported: 9/12/2012  
Rights Issue1,742,000     1,742,000
3/28/2012BIGG BUlric Aspegrén  Increased possession536,000     871,000
5/3/2011BIGG BUlric Aspegrén Late reporting
234 days
Trade: 5/3/2011,
Reported: 4/11/2012  
Correction of erroneous reporting35,000     335,000
5/3/2011BIGG BUlric Aspegrén  Started possession300,000     300,000
12/1/2011BIGG BLars-Olof Hansson  Started possession2,898     2,898
5/3/2010BIGG BAssociate: Alistair Hurst  Started possession687,798     687,798
6/28/2010BIGG BAssociate: Sara Jensen  Started possession687,798     687,798
11/12/2012BIGG BAssociate: Lars-Olof HanssonDario KrizMargareta KrizKirstin Kriz  Rights Issue4,687,600     7,531,400
11/12/2012BIGG BTA BAssociate: Lars-Olof HanssonDario KrizMargareta KrizKirstin Kriz  Rights Issue-4,687,600     0
10/31/2012BIGG BAssociate: Lars-Olof HanssonDario KrizMargareta KrizKirstin Kriz  Open Issue500,000     2,843,800
9/12/2012CHEM TRDario Kriz  Unexercised-11,000     0
9/11/2012BIGG BTA BAssociate: Lars-Olof HanssonDario KrizMargareta KrizKirstin Kriz  Rights Issue4,687,600     4,687,600
3/27/2012BIGG BAssociate: Lars-Olof HanssonDario KrizMargareta KrizKirstin Kriz  Increased possession1,643,800     2,343,800
11/28/2011BIGG BDario Kriz  Decreased possession-268,425     0
4/8/2011BIGG BAssociate: Lars-Olof HanssonDario KrizMargareta KrizKirstin Kriz  Increased possession48,600     700,000
5/3/2010BIGG BAssociate: Lars-Olof HanssonDario KrizMargareta KrizKirstin Kriz  Started possession651,400     651,400
5/3/2010BIGG BDario Kriz  Started possession268,425     268,425
5/3/2010CHEM TRDario Kriz  Started possession11,000     11,000
12/11/2015BIGG BKirstin Kriz  Decreased possession-268,425     0
11/28/2011BIGG BKirstin Kriz  Increased possession268,425     268,425
6/3/2015BIGG BMargareta Kriz  Decreased possession-58,950     0
5/3/2010BIGG BMargareta Kriz  Started possession58,950     58,950
3/28/2013BIGG BMargareta Krook  Rights Issue12,500     212,500
10/2/2012BIGG BMargareta Krook  Open Issue65,450     200,000
9/4/2012BIGG BMargareta Krook  Rights Issue89,700     134,550
3/26/2012BIGG BMargareta Krook  Rights Issue27,600     44,850
3/13/2011BIGG BMargareta Krook  Rights Issue2,250     17,250
3/13/2011CHEM BTA BMargareta Krook  Rights Issue-2,250     0
1/28/2011BIGG BMargareta Krook Late reporting
28 days
Trade: 1/28/2011,
Reported: 3/16/2011  
Rights Issue1,500     15,000
7/9/2010CHEM BTA BMargareta Krook  New Issue2,250     2,250
5/3/2010BIGG BMargareta Krook  Started possession13,500     13,500
5/3/2010BIGG BAssociate: Margareta Krook  Started possession2,250     2,250
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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