Insiders in SensoDetect

Lars Gunnarsson5/12/2011   
Jens Holmberg8/30/2012   
Anders Erik Luts6/17/2013   
Sara Nehlstedt11/24/2009   
Sören Nielzén11/24/2009   
Anette Sjögren3/7/2012   
Leif Smeby11/24/2009   
Martin Terins5/13/2014   
Erik von Schenk3/7/2012   
Anna Arap Soi11/24/2009   3/18/2014
Marie Dahlgren9/24/2010   5/26/2011
Tommy Elfborg1/7/2014   9/30/2014
Josef Ericson11/24/2009   1/31/2011
Lars Harlegård11/24/2009   5/6/2010
Johan Källstrand11/24/2009   2/14/2014
Olle Olsson11/24/2009   5/26/2011
Per Sjöberg11/24/2009   3/23/2012
Olof Stocksén11/24/2009   3/23/2012

Transactions in shares on SensoDetect

DateTransgressionName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
11/25/2014SDETAssociate: Leif Smeby  Increased possession1,000     220,084
11/20/2014SDETMartin Terins  Increased possession4,500     8,500
11/18/2014SDETAssociate: Leif Smeby  Increased possession1,000     219,084
11/18/2014SDETMartin Terins  Increased possession2,000     4,000
11/14/2014SDETAssociate: Leif Smeby  Increased possession1,000     218,084
11/12/2014SDETMartin Terins  Increased possession2,000     2,000
11/11/2014SDETLars Gunnarsson  Increased possession20,000     447,102
11/10/2014SDETAssociate: Leif Smeby  Increased possession1,000     217,084
11/7/2014SDETAssociate: Leif Smeby  Increased possession1,000     216,084
6/12/2014SDETSören Nielzén  Increased possession9,272     344,000
11/26/2013SDETSara Nehlstedt  Decreased possession-28,717     300,000
11/25/2013SDETSara Nehlstedt  Decreased possession-2,334     328,717
11/22/2013SDETSara Nehlstedt  Decreased possession-5,235     331,051
11/6/2013SDETAssociate: Johan Källstrand  Increased possession108,221     108,221
11/6/2013SDETJohan Källstrand  Decreased possession-108,221     389,331
4/12/2013SDETLars Gunnarsson  Increased possession6,670     427,102
4/11/2013SDETAssociate: Erik von Schenk  New Issue3,000     3,000
4/11/2013SDETJohan Källstrand  New Issue4,666     497,552
4/10/2013SDETAssociate: Anette Sjögren  New Issue4,000     4,000
4/8/2013SDETJens Holmberg  New Issue334     1,469
3/27/2013SDETAssociate: Leif Smeby  New Issue13,334     215,084
3/27/2013SDETSören Nielzén  Increased possession3,714     334,728
8/30/2012SDETJens Holmberg  Started possession1,135     1,135
5/12/2011SDETLars Gunnarsson  Started possession420,432     420,432
2/21/2011SDETOlle Olsson Late reporting
2 days
Trade: 2/21/2011,
Reported: 3/2/2011  
Rights Issue1,655     222,673
2/16/2011SDETAnna Arap Soi  Rights Issue100     600
2/16/2011SDETOlle Olsson Late reporting
5 days
Trade: 2/16/2011,
Reported: 3/2/2011  
Rights Issue6,960     221,018
2/15/2011SDETSara Nehlstedt  Rights Issue2,000     336,286
2/11/2011SDETAssociate: Olof Stocksén  Rights Issue20,000     127,475
2/11/2011SDETAssociate: Olof Stocksén  Rights Issue1,000     5,000
2/10/2011SDETAssociate: Leif Smeby  Increased possession15,750     201,750
2/10/2011SDETSören Nielzén  Increased possession1,300     331,014
2/9/2011SDETAssociate: Per Sjöberg  Rights Issue28,040     168,240
2/8/2011SDETAssociate: Olof Stocksén  Decreased possession-2,525     107,475
2/8/2011SDETAssociate: Olof Stocksén  Decreased possession-1,000     4,000
2/7/2011SDETJohan Källstrand  Rights Issue39,220     492,886
2/2/2011SDETOlle Olsson Late reporting
15 days
Trade: 2/2/2011,
Reported: 3/2/2011  
Decreased possession-214,058     214,058
12/2/2010SDETSören Nielzén Late reporting
49 days
Trade: 12/2/2010,
Reported: 2/21/2011  
Convert5,714     329,714
11/24/2010SDETSara Nehlstedt Late reporting
53 days
Trade: 11/24/2010,
Reported: 2/17/2011  
Convert2,286     334,286
3/30/2010SDETAssociate: Olof Stocksén  Decreased possession-5,000     110,000
3/25/2010SDETAssociate: Lars Harlegård  Decreased possession-20,000     104,000
3/24/2010SDETAssociate: Olof Stocksén  Decreased possession-5,800     115,000
3/24/2010SDETAssociate: Olof Stocksén  Decreased possession-2,500     5,000
3/19/2010SDETAssociate: Olof Stocksén  Decreased possession-2,500     7,500
12/28/2009SDETOlof Stocksén  Decreased possession-2,500     0
11/30/2009SDETJohan Källstrand  Started possession453,666     453,666
11/27/2009SDETAnna Arap Soi  Started possession500     500
11/27/2009SDETOlle Olsson  Started possession428,116     428,116
11/27/2009SDETSara Nehlstedt  Started possession332,000     332,000
11/27/2009SDETSören Nielzén  Started possession324,000     324,000
11/25/2009SDETAssociate: Per Sjöberg  Started possession140,200     140,200
11/24/2009SDETAssociate: Lars Harlegård  Started possession124,000     124,000
11/24/2009SDETAssociate: Leif Smeby  Started possession186,000     186,000
11/24/2009SDETAssociate: Olof Stocksén  Started possession120,800     120,800
11/24/2009SDETAssociate: Olof Stocksén  Started possession10,000     10,000
6/19/2014SDET TOJens Holmberg  Increased possession25,000     25,000
6/19/2014SDET TOMartin Terins  Increased possession75,000     75,000
4/12/2013SDET TRLars Gunnarsson  Decreased possession-2     23,345
4/8/2013SDET TRJens Holmberg  Rights Issue-334     0
4/5/2013SDET TRLars Gunnarsson  Decreased possession-397,083     23,347
4/2/2013SDET TRAnna Arap Soi  Decreased possession-600     0
4/2/2013SDET TRSara Nehlstedt  Decreased possession-302,650     33,636
4/2/2013SDET TRSören Nielzén  Rights Issue-297,915     0
3/27/2013SDET TRAnna Arap Soi  Rights Issue600     600
3/27/2013SDET TRJens Holmberg  Rights Issue334     334
3/27/2013SDET TRLars Gunnarsson  New Issue420,430     420,430
3/27/2013SDET TRAssociate: Leif Smeby  Decreased possession-155,081     0
3/27/2013SDET TRAssociate: Leif Smeby  Decreased possession-46,669     155,081
3/27/2013SDET TRAssociate: Leif Smeby  New Issue201,750     201,750
3/27/2013SDET TRSara Nehlstedt  Rights Issue336,286     336,286
3/27/2013SDET TRSören Nielzén  Decreased possession-20,100     297,915
3/27/2013SDET TRSören Nielzén  Decreased possession-12,999     318,015
3/27/2013SDET TRSören Nielzén  Rights Issue331,014     331,014
3/20/2011SDET TRJohan Källstrand  Unexercised-113,117     0
3/7/2011SDET TROlle Olsson  Unexercised-2     0
2/16/2011SDET TRAssociate: Leif Smeby  Decreased possession-139,100     0
2/16/2011SDET TROlle Olsson Late reporting
5 days
Trade: 2/16/2011,
Reported: 3/2/2011  
Rights Issue-34,800     2
2/15/2011SDET TRSara Nehlstedt  Decreased possession-10,000     5,939
2/11/2011SDET TRSara Nehlstedt  Decreased possession-33,766     15,939
2/10/2011SDET TRJohan Källstrand  Decreased possession-13,760     113,117
2/10/2011SDET TRSören Nielzén  Decreased possession-39,025     0
2/9/2011SDET TRJohan Källstrand  Decreased possession-14,276     126,877
2/9/2011SDET TRAssociate: Leif Smeby  Decreased possession-46,900     139,100
2/9/2011SDET TRAssociate: Olof Stocksén  Decreased possession-10,000     100,000
2/9/2011SDET TRSören Nielzén Late reporting
1 days
Trade: 2/9/2011,
Reported: 2/17/2011  
Decreased possession-10,000     39,025
2/8/2011SDET TRJohan Källstrand  Decreased possession-70,981     141,153
2/7/2011SDET TRJohan Källstrand  Decreased possession-45,432     212,134
2/7/2011SDET TRJohan Källstrand  Rights Issue-196,100     257,566
2/7/2011SDET TRJohan Källstrand  Rights Issue453,666     453,666
2/3/2011SDET TRSören Nielzén Late reporting
5 days
Trade: 2/3/2011,
Reported: 2/17/2011  
Rights Issue-280,689     49,025
2/2/2011SDET TRAssociate: Leif Smeby  Rights Issue186,000     186,000
2/2/2011SDET TROlle Olsson Late reporting
15 days
Trade: 2/2/2011,
Reported: 3/2/2011  
Rights Issue-199,256     34,802
2/2/2011SDET TROlle Olsson Late reporting
15 days
Trade: 2/2/2011,
Reported: 3/2/2011  
Rights Issue234,058     234,058
2/2/2011SDET TRAssociate: Olof Stocksén  Rights Issue110,000     110,000
2/2/2011SDET TRSara Nehlstedt Late reporting
6 days
Trade: 2/2/2011,
Reported: 2/17/2011  
Decreased possession-284,581     49,705
2/2/2011SDET TRSara Nehlstedt Late reporting
6 days
Trade: 2/2/2011,
Reported: 2/17/2011  
Rights Issue334,286     334,286
2/1/2011SDET TRSören Nielzén  Rights Issue329,714     329,714
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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