Insiders in WntResearch

Tommy Andersson12/17/2010   
Carl Borrebaeck12/17/2010   
Nils Brünner1/12/2012   
Peter Buhl12/17/2010   
Per-Ola Forsberg3/1/2016   
Lars Larsson12/17/2010   
Henrik Lawaetz1/1/2016   
Kjell Stenberg12/17/2010   
Peter Ström6/9/2015   
Thomas Feldthus7/1/2012   5/31/2015
Bert Junno12/17/2010   6/18/2013

Transactions in shares on WntResearch

DateTransgressionName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
4/27/2016WNTTommy Andersson  Rights Issue2,072     1,005,837
4/11/2016WNTHenrik Lawaetz  Increased possession4,000     4,000
9/21/2015WNTPeter Ström  Started possession5,000     5,000
5/27/2015WNTKjell Stenberg   Correction of erroneous reporting41,940     1,272,402
9/16/2014WNTTommy Andersson  Decreased possession-14,062     1,003,765
9/15/2014WNTTommy Andersson  Decreased possession-14,611     1,017,827
9/12/2014WNTTommy Andersson  Decreased possession-3,500     1,032,438
9/11/2014WNTCarl Borrebaeck  Decreased possession-4,026     250
9/11/2014WNTTommy Andersson  Decreased possession-11,358     1,035,938
9/10/2014WNTTommy Andersson  Decreased possession-29,955     1,047,296
9/1/2014WNTLars Larsson Late reporting
3 days
Trade: 9/1/2014,
Reported: 9/11/2014  
Decreased possession-4,000     4,500
7/18/2014WNTTommy Andersson  Decreased possession-1,514     1,077,251
7/15/2014WNTTommy Andersson  Decreased possession-17,000     1,078,765
7/14/2014WNTTommy Andersson  Decreased possession-8,000     1,095,765
7/10/2014WNTAssociate: Nils Brünner  Decreased possession-16,000     667
6/16/2014WNTNils Brünner  Decreased possession-4,000     20,000
5/8/2014WNTKjell Stenberg  Rights Issue134,000     1,230,462
5/2/2014WNTNils Brünner  Rights Issue7,333     24,000
5/2/2014WNTThomas Feldthus  Rights Issue7,406     40,740
4/30/2014WNTTommy Andersson  Rights Issue3,000     1,103,765
4/29/2014WNTCarl Borrebaeck Late reporting
4 days
Trade: 4/29/2014,
Reported: 5/13/2014  
Increased possession776     4,276
4/29/2014WNTLars Larsson Late reporting
88 days
Trade: 4/29/2014,
Reported: 9/11/2014  
Increased possession1,000     8,500
4/29/2014WNTAssociate: Peter BuhlUlla Hald Buhl  Increased possession3,334     20,001
2/14/2014WNTCarl Borrebaeck  Increased possession3,500     3,500
1/20/2014WNTCarl Borrebaeck Late reporting
15 days
Trade: 1/20/2014,
Reported: 2/17/2014  
Decreased possession-7,500     0
6/4/2013WNTTommy Andersson  Gift received-50,000     1,100,765
4/3/2013WNTKjell Stenberg  Rights Issue219,292     1,096,462
4/3/2013WNTAssociate: Nils Brünner  Rights Issue16,667     16,667
4/3/2013WNTAssociate: Peter BuhlUlla Hald Buhl  Rights Issue16,667     16,667
4/2/2013WNTThomas Feldthus  Rights Issue16,667     33,334
11/29/2012WNTThomas Feldthus  Rights Issue16,667     16,667
11/26/2012WNTKjell Stenberg Late reporting
21 days
Trade: 11/26/2012,
Reported: 1/8/2013  
Rights Issue100,000     877,170
11/26/2012WNTNils Brünner Late reporting
21 days
Trade: 11/26/2012,
Reported: 1/8/2013  
Rights Issue16,667     16,667
11/26/2012WNTPeter Buhl  Rights Issue16,667     35,417
6/7/2012WNTBert Junno  Decreased possession-10,485     0
3/29/2012WNTTommy Andersson  Decreased possession-12,500     1,150,765
3/29/2012WNTTommy Andersson  Decreased possession-12,500     1,163,265
2/28/2012WNTBert Junno  Increased possession2,097     10,485
1/11/2012WNTPeter Buhl  Increased possession3,750     18,750
1/9/2012WNTKjell Stenberg  Rights Issue112,000     777,170
1/7/2011WNTPeter Buhl  Started possession15,000     15,000
12/28/2010WNTCarl Borrebaeck  Started possession7,500     7,500
12/17/2010WNTKjell Stenberg  Started possession665,170     665,170
12/17/2010WNTLars Larsson  Started possession7,500     7,500
12/17/2010WNTTommy Andersson  Started possession1,175,765     1,175,765
2/28/2012WNT BTUBert Junno  Decreased possession-2,097     0
1/6/2012WNT BTUBert Junno  Increased possession2,097     2,097
1/23/2013WNT TO 1Bert Junno  Unexercised-2,097     0
2/28/2012WNT TO 1Bert Junno  Increased possession2,097     2,097
1/9/2012WNT TO 1Kjell Stenberg  Rights Issue112,000     112,000
4/23/2014WNT TRPeter Buhl  Correction-35,417     0
4/23/2014WNT TRPeter Buhl  Rights Issue35,417     35,417
4/23/2014WNT TRPeter Buhl  Decreased possession-35,417     0
4/23/2014WNT TRAssociate: Peter BuhlUlla Hald Buhl  Decreased possession-1,664     0
4/16/2014WNT TRTommy Andersson  Rights Issue-1,087,265     0
4/16/2014WNT TRTommy Andersson  Rights Issue-13,500     1,087,265
4/16/2014WNT TRTommy Andersson  Rights Issue1,100,765     1,100,765
4/2/2014WNT TRPeter Buhl  Rights Issue35,417     35,417
4/2/2014WNT TRAssociate: Peter BuhlUlla Hald Buhl  Rights Issue1,664     1,664
3/20/2013WNT TRTommy Andersson  Decreased possession-1,150,764     0
3/12/2013WNT TRTommy Andersson  Rights Issue1,150,764     1,150,764
4/29/2016WNT URTommy Andersson  Unexercised-39     0
4/27/2016WNT URTommy Andersson  Rights Issue-26,936     39
4/27/2016WNT URTommy Andersson  Decreased possession-39,544     26,975
4/26/2016WNT URTommy Andersson  Decreased possession-59,213     66,519
4/25/2016WNT URTommy Andersson  Decreased possession-14,826     125,732
4/22/2016WNT URTommy Andersson  Decreased possession-160,314     140,558
4/21/2016WNT URTommy Andersson  Decreased possession-125,228     300,872
4/20/2016WNT URTommy Andersson  Decreased possession-150,170     426,100
4/19/2016WNT URTommy Andersson  Decreased possession-189,050     576,270
4/18/2016WNT URTommy Andersson  Decreased possession-237,620     765,320
4/15/2016WNT URTommy Andersson  Rights Issue1,002,940     1,002,940
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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