Insiders in Novus Group

Kinna Bellander11/3/2011   
Per Fernström11/17/2008   
Bertil Jacobson6/1/2007   
Mikael Ohlsson9/26/2008   
Gun Pettersson9/26/2008   
Ana Serafimovska2/16/2015   
Kristin Sjöström11/5/2009   
Torbjörn Sjöström10/28/2005   
Lars Björkman11/1/2007   3/18/2010
Irena Busic10/21/2011   9/3/2012
Sven Egnell8/26/2009   1/1/2014
Hanni Fischer8/26/2009   5/1/2010
Anna Grånäs-Jakobsson6/1/2007   4/1/2008
Arne Modig9/26/2008   2/1/2011
Jan Nygren5/30/2007   10/19/2012
Börge Österholm10/28/2005   11/3/2011
Alf Sjöström2/6/2007   4/4/2011

Transactions in shares on Novus Group

DateTransgressionName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
8/31/2012NOVUTorbjörn Sjöström  Increased possession10,500     248,500
8/29/2011NOVUMikael Ohlsson  Increased possession20,000     120,000
8/18/2011NOVUMikael Ohlsson  Increased possession20,000     100,000
7/27/2011NOVUMikael Ohlsson  Increased possession16,000     80,000
7/22/2011NOVUMikael Ohlsson  Increased possession8,000     64,000
7/19/2011NOVUMikael Ohlsson  Increased possession12,000     56,000
7/18/2011NOVUMikael Ohlsson  Increased possession4,000     44,000
6/23/2011NOVUTorbjörn Sjöström  Increased possession2,000     238,000
6/21/2011NOVUBertil Jacobson  Increased possession16,000     512,822
6/17/2011NOVUTorbjörn Sjöström  Increased possession2,000     236,000
5/11/2010NOVUAssociate: Alf Sjöström  Increased possession15,090     6,056,664
11/5/2009NOVU KOKristin Sjöström  Started possession141,951     141,951
6/30/2009NOVUTorbjörn Sjöström  Increased possession7,000     234,000
2/3/2009NOVUAssociate: Alf Sjöström  Increased possession12,000     6,041,574
1/28/2009NOVUAssociate: Alf Sjöström  Increased possession2,000     6,029,574
10/13/2008NOVUGun Pettersson  Started possession20,000     20,000
9/26/2008NOVUMikael Ohlsson  Started possession40,000     40,000
8/5/2008NOVUAssociate: Alf Sjöström  Rights Issue2,008,190     6,027,574
8/5/2008NOVUAssociate: Bertil Jacobson  Rights Issue54,000     54,000
8/5/2008NOVUBertil Jacobson  Increased possession475,822     475,822
8/4/2008NOVUBörge Österholm  Rights Issue3,750     8,750
8/4/2008NOVUJan Nygren  Rights Issue71,429     91,429
8/4/2008NOVULars Björkman  Rights Issue100,000     100,000
8/4/2008NOVUTorbjörn Sjöström  Rights Issue200,000     227,000
8/1/2008NOVU BTAAssociate: Bertil Jacobson  Decreased possession-54,000     0
11/19/2007NOVUAnna Grånäs-Jakobsson  Decreased possession-7,500     0
11/12/2007NOVUAssociate: Anna Grånäs-Jakobsson  Decreased possession-2,500     0
9/25/2007NOVUAssociate: Anna Grånäs-Jakobsson  Decreased possession-5,000     2,500
7/3/2007NOVUTorbjörn Sjöström  Started possession27,000     27,000
6/1/2007NOVUAssociate: Alf Sjöström  Started possession4,019,384     4,019,384
6/1/2007NOVUAssociate: Anna Grånäs-Jakobsson  Started possession7,500     7,500
6/1/2007NOVUBörge Österholm  Started possession3,000     3,000
6/1/2007NOVUJan Nygren  Started possession20,000     20,000
6/1/2007NOVU BTAAssociate: Bertil Jacobson  Started possession54,000     54,000
6/1/2007NOVU KOBörge Österholm  Started possession1,000     1,000
6/1/2007NOVU TOBertil Jacobson  Started possession9,000     9,000
10/11/2012NOVUBertil Jacobson Late reporting
1 days
Trade: 10/11/2012,
Reported: 10/19/2012  
Increased possession11,100     523,922
8/30/2010NOVUBertil Jacobson Late reporting
1 days
Trade: 8/30/2010,
Reported: 9/7/2010  
Increased possession21,000     496,822
2/25/2008NOVUBörge Österholm Late reporting
372 days
Trade: 2/25/2008,
Reported: 8/26/2009  
Increased possession2,000     5,000
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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