Insiders in Mabi Rent

Johanna Backman6/16/2010   
Ronnie Brodin6/16/2010   
Svante Carlsson6/16/2010   
Stig Edling5/13/2013   
Anders Hedin4/15/2014   
André Schleeman6/16/2010   
Tommy Smidestam6/16/2010   
Mats Thörnberg6/16/2010   
Bo Törnblom6/16/2010   
Per Brenner6/16/2010   5/13/2013
Jörgen Forsberg5/22/2012   5/13/2013
Helene Frankenberg6/16/2010   5/22/2012
Sara Lundblad6/16/2010   5/13/2013
Karl Matsch6/16/2010   4/19/2013

Transactions in shares on Mabi Rent

DateTransgressionName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
4/15/2014MABIAssociate: Anders Hedin  Started possession6,079,333     6,079,333
9/4/2013MABIStig Edling  Increased possession35,000     40,000
7/31/2013MABIAssociate: Stig Edling  Increased possession4,850     31,850
7/25/2013MABIStig Edling  Started possession5,000     5,000
7/25/2013MABIAssociate: Stig Edling  Increased possession5,000     27,000
7/18/2013MABIAssociate: Stig Edling  Increased possession5,000     22,000
7/18/2013MABIAssociate: Stig Edling  Started possession17,000     17,000
4/19/2013MABIKarl Matsch  Increased possession3,840     128,150
4/11/2013MABIKarl Matsch  Increased possession4,310     124,310
2/28/2013MABIClosely held endowment policy: Bo Törnblom  Decreased possession-25,000     10,000
2/28/2013MABIPer Brenner  Decreased possession-25,000     28,400
12/17/2012MABIClosely held endowment policy: Bo Törnblom  Increased possession35,000     35,000
12/17/2012MABIAssociate: Bo Törnblom  Decreased possession-100,000     0
12/17/2012MABIPer Brenner  Increased possession15,000     53,400
6/8/2012MABIKarl Matsch  Increased possession5,000     120,000
3/30/2012MABIAssociate: Tommy Smidestam  Decreased possession-162,175     10,000
3/9/2012MABIAssociate: Bo Törnblom  Decreased possession-40,000     100,000
3/5/2012MABIAssociate: Tommy Smidestam  Decreased possession-500,000     172,175
1/19/2012MABIKarl Matsch  Increased possession5,000     115,000
9/14/2011MABIAssociate: Tommy Smidestam  Decreased possession-100,000     672,175
6/10/2011MABIAssociate: Tommy Smidestam  Decreased possession-31,527     772,175
6/8/2011MABIAssociate: Bo Törnblom  Decreased possession-25,000     140,000
6/3/2011MABIClosely held endowment policy: Bo Törnblom  Decreased possession-25,000     0
3/28/2011MABIAssociate: Bo Törnblom  Decreased possession-25,000     165,000
3/28/2011MABIClosely held endowment policy: Bo Törnblom  Increased possession25,000     25,000
2/23/2011MABIKarl Matsch  Increased possession6,000     110,000
12/20/2010MABIAssociate: Bo Törnblom  Decreased possession-50,000     190,000
6/16/2010MABIAndré Schleeman  Started possession349,866     349,866
6/16/2010MABIAssociate: Bo Törnblom  Started possession240,000     240,000
6/16/2010MABIJohanna Backman  Started possession25,600     25,600
6/16/2010MABIMats Thörnberg  Started possession32,000     32,000
6/16/2010MABIAssociate: Per Brenner  Started possession14,349     14,349
6/16/2010MABIRonnie Brodin  Started possession29,234     29,234
6/16/2010MABIAssociate: Svante Carlsson  Started possession810,816     810,816
6/16/2010MABIAssociate: Tommy Smidestam  Started possession803,702     803,702
6/16/2010MABITommy Smidestam  Started possession1,910,400     1,910,400
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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