Insiders in Wonderful Times Group

Lars Åkerblom11/11/2008   
Roger Bolander1/8/2014   
Matts Kastengren6/10/2011   
David Rönnberg10/12/2010   
Erik Stenfors11/11/2008   
Christina Tillman8/2/2013   
Lars-Åke Adolfsson5/20/2009   12/21/2009
Johan Aspemar10/4/2010   3/31/2014
Elaine Barnes11/11/2008   5/20/2009
David Berglund5/20/2009   12/21/2009
Christopher Hasselhuhn6/10/2011   6/4/2012
Tomm Heibö9/1/2010   6/10/2011
Johan Hessius5/18/2010   6/4/2012
Nigel Kendrick11/11/2008   5/20/2009
Dominika Peczynski5/20/2009   10/12/2010
Shama Margareta Persson5/20/2009   12/3/2009
Fidler Ronald11/11/2008   5/18/2010
Ulf Sandberg10/12/2010   6/10/2011
Mikael Smedeby11/11/2008   5/18/2010
Marie Wall11/11/2008   5/20/2009

Transactions in shares on Wonderful Times Group

DateTransgressionName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
1/7/2014WTGJohan Aspemar  Decreased possession-29,957     0
8/19/2013WTGDavid Rönnberg  New Issue456,876     1,515,876
8/19/2013WTGDavid Rönnberg  Convert500,000     1,059,000
8/19/2013WTG KVDavid Rönnberg  Convert-50     0
8/19/2013WTGAssociate: Matts Kastengren  New Issue1,827,507     6,285,327
8/19/2013WTGAssociate: Matts Kastengren  Convert2,750,000     4,457,820
8/19/2013WTG KVAssociate: Matts Kastengren  Convert-275     0
3/11/2013WTGLars Åkerblom  Increased possession22,500     62,500
3/8/2013WTGErik Stenfors  Increased possession29,487     357,000
3/7/2013WTGErik Stenfors  Increased possession45,000     327,513
3/1/2013WTG KVDavid Rönnberg  Increased possession50     50
3/1/2013WTG KVAssociate: Matts Kastengren  Increased possession275     275
2/28/2013WTGJohan Aspemar  Increased possession7,101     29,957
2/22/2013WTGJohan Aspemar  Increased possession22,856     22,856
2/21/2013WTGDavid Rönnberg  Increased possession50,000     559,000
4/5/2012WTGAssociate: Matts Kastengren  Increased possession750,000     1,707,820
4/5/2012WTGMatts Kastengren  Increased possession125,000     125,000
9/13/2011WTGDavid Rönnberg  Increased possession40,000     509,000
7/28/2011WTGDavid Rönnberg  Increased possession409,000     469,000
6/16/2011WTGDavid Rönnberg  Increased possession60,000     60,000
6/11/2011WTGClosely held endowment policy: Christopher Hasselhuhn  Increased possession615,000     615,000
6/10/2011WTGAssociate: Matts Kastengren  Started possession957,820     957,820
6/1/2011WTGErik Stenfors  Correction-27     282,513
5/24/2011WTGErik Stenfors  Increased possession166,410     282,540
1/21/2011WTGLars Åkerblom  Decreased possession-37,400     40,000
1/10/2011WTGLars Åkerblom  Convert77,400     77,400
1/10/2011VALU TOLars Åkerblom  Convert-300,000     -475,000
6/29/2010WTGErik Stenfors  Reverse Split 1:20-2,206,468     116,130
6/29/2010VALU TOLars Åkerblom  Reverse Split 1:20-475,000     -175,000
4/21/2010WTGAssociate: Erik Stenfors  Decreased possession-258,760     0
4/21/2010WTGErik Stenfors  Decreased possession-9,963,122     2,322,598
4/21/2010WTGErik Stenfors  Increased possession1,666,670     12,285,720
12/31/2009VALU TOLars Åkerblom  Unexercised-200,000     300,000
10/29/2009VALU TOLars Åkerblom  Increased possession300,000     500,000
9/28/2009WTGErik Stenfors  Increased possession1,400,000     10,619,050
9/28/2009WTGErik Stenfors  Rights Issue8,625,000     9,219,050
9/28/2009WTGAssociate: Lars-Åke Adolfsson  Increased possession6,960,780     13,249,020
9/28/2009WTGAssociate: Lars-Åke Adolfsson  Rights Issue5,764,220     6,288,240
6/2/2009WTGAssociate: Lars-Åke Adolfsson  Started possession524,020     524,020
5/19/2009WTGErik Stenfors  Increased possession4,000     594,050
5/15/2009WTGErik Stenfors  Increased possession1,000     590,050
3/17/2009WTGAssociate: Erik Stenfors  Increased possession75,000     258,760
3/17/2009WTGErik Stenfors  Increased possession150,000     589,050
3/16/2009WTGAssociate: Erik Stenfors  Started possession183,760     183,760
1/26/2009WTGMarie Wall  Started possession67,180     67,180
1/23/2009WTGElaine Barnes  Started possession129,560     129,560
1/23/2009WTGFidler Ronald  Started possession38,260     38,260
1/22/2009VALU TOMikael Smedeby  Started possession60,000     60,000
1/22/2009WTGMikael Smedeby  Started possession66,820     66,820
12/10/2008WTGErik Stenfors  Increased possession200     439,050
12/4/2008WTGErik Stenfors  Increased possession400     438,850
11/25/2008WTGErik Stenfors  Increased possession1,600     438,450
11/11/2008WTGErik Stenfors Late reporting
10 days
Trade: 11/11/2008,
Reported: 12/2/2008  
Started possession436,850     436,850
11/11/2008VALU TOLars Åkerblom Late reporting
10 days
Trade: 11/11/2008,
Reported: 12/2/2008  
Started possession200,000     200,000
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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