Insiders in SwitchCore

Erwin Leichtle5/5/2008   
Mattias Molin3/7/2012   
Bengt Stillström5/5/2008   
Peter Benson4/27/2011   5/28/2012
Hans Frisk5/5/2008   5/28/2012
Fredrik Grevelius5/6/2010   2/6/2012
Torbjörn Svensson5/5/2008   5/7/2009
Johannes Vock5/6/2010   4/27/2011

Transactions in shares on SwitchCore

DateTransgressionName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
5/23/2012SCOR BAssociate: Bengt Stillström  Reverse Split 1:100-917,283,277     9,265,488
3/9/2010SCORAssociate: Bengt Stillström  Convert-111,000,000     0
5/23/2012SCOR AAssociate: Bengt Stillström  Reverse Split-109,890,000     1,110,000
5/23/2012SCOR BAssociate: Peter Benson  Reverse Split 1:100-29,700,000     300,000
5/23/2012SCOR BAssociate: Hans Frisk  Reverse Split 1:100-12,424,500     125,500
5/23/2012SCOR BErwin Leichtle  Reverse Split 1:100-2,794,275     28,225
3/9/2010SCORAssociate: Hans Frisk  Convert-1,510,000     0
5/23/2012SCOR AAssociate: Hans Frisk  Reverse Split-1,494,900     15,100
5/23/2012SCOR BPeter Benson  Reverse Split 1:100-872,982     8,818
3/9/2010SCORErwin Leichtle  Convert-565,500     0
5/23/2012SCOR AErwin Leichtle  Reverse Split-559,845     5,655
3/6/2013SCOR AErwin Leichtle  Correction-10     6,256
4/4/2013SCOR AErwin Leichtle  Increased possession68     7,402
8/8/2013SCOR AErwin Leichtle  Increased possession128     7,853
4/8/2013SCOR AErwin Leichtle  Increased possession140     7,542
4/8/2013SCOR AErwin Leichtle  Increased possession183     7,725
2/25/2013SCOR AErwin Leichtle  Increased possession611     6,266
3/28/2013SCOR AErwin Leichtle  Increased possession1,078     7,334
3/5/2013SCOR BErwin Leichtle Late reporting
4 days
Trade: 3/5/2013,
Reported: 3/18/2013  
Increased possession5,500     33,725
5/5/2008SCORErwin Leichtle  Started possession160,000     160,000
1/7/2010SCORErwin Leichtle  Increased possession405,500     565,500
3/9/2010SCOR AErwin Leichtle  Convert565,500     565,500
11/7/2011SCOR BPeter Benson  Increased possession881,800     881,800
3/9/2010SCOR AAssociate: Hans Frisk  Convert1,510,000     1,510,000
5/8/2008SCORAssociate: Hans Frisk  Started possession1,510,000     1,510,000
3/9/2010SCOR BErwin Leichtle  Rights Issue2,822,500     2,822,500
5/10/2010SCOR BAssociate: Hans Frisk  Increased possession5,000,000     12,550,000
3/9/2010SCOR BAssociate: Hans Frisk  Rights Issue7,550,000     7,550,000
12/9/2008SCORAssociate: Bengt Stillström  Increased possession11,094,000     111,000,000
4/27/2011SCOR BAssociate: Peter Benson  Started possession30,000,000     30,000,000
9/23/2008SCORAssociate: Bengt Stillström  Increased possession44,166,000     99,906,000
5/5/2008SCORAssociate: Bengt Stillström  Started possession55,740,000     55,740,000
3/9/2010SCOR AAssociate: Bengt Stillström  Convert111,000,000     111,000,000
3/9/2010SCOR BAssociate: Bengt Stillström  Rights Issue926,548,765     926,548,765
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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