Insiders in G5 Entertainment

Martin Bauer6/19/2013   
Odd Bolin5/2/2013   
Petter Nylander6/19/2013   
Jeffrey Rose7/28/2011   
Sergey Shults11/19/2008   
Vladislav Suglobov11/19/2008   
Pär Sundberg6/19/2012   
Alexander Tabunov11/19/2008   
Åsa Andersson Eneberg11/19/2008   4/20/2012
Peter Benson7/28/2011   6/19/2012
Adam Cowburn11/19/2008   6/8/2011
Anders Nilsson11/19/2008   6/1/2010
Ein Stadalninkas6/8/2009   6/19/2013
Tommy Svensk6/8/2009   6/2/2010
Johan Wrang6/1/2010   6/19/2013

Transactions in shares on G5 Entertainment

DateTransgressionName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
4/5/2012G5ENSergey Shults  Decreased possession-673,000     0
11/24/2011G5ENAlexander Tabunov  Decreased possession-660,000     0
1/8/2011G5ENVladislav Suglobov  Decreased possession-720,000     0
4/4/2014G5ENAssociate: Odd Bolin  Started possession1,000     1,000
4/11/2014G5ENAssociate: Odd Bolin  Increased possession1,000     2,000
6/19/2012G5ENPär Sundberg  Started possession2,000     2,000
11/19/2013G5ENPetter Nylander  Increased possession3,900     3,900
7/28/2011G5ENAssociate: Peter Benson  Started possession4,000     4,000
12/27/2013G5ENClosely held endowment policy: Martin Bauer  Increased possession5,000     5,000
3/3/2014G5ENClosely held endowment policy: Martin Bauer  Increased possession1,500     6,500
10/4/2011G5ENAssociate: Peter Benson  Increased possession3,000     7,000
4/2/2014G5ENClosely held endowment policy: Martin Bauer  Increased possession7,300     13,800
4/4/2014G5ENClosely held endowment policy: Martin Bauer  Increased possession5,200     19,000
6/20/2013G5ENClosely held endowment policy: Martin Bauer  Started possession34,401     34,401
7/5/2013G5ENClosely held endowment policy: Martin Bauer  Increased possession2,000     36,401
7/9/2013G5ENClosely held endowment policy: Martin Bauer  Increased possession690     37,091
7/10/2013G5ENClosely held endowment policy: Martin Bauer  Increased possession506     37,597
7/11/2013G5ENClosely held endowment policy: Martin Bauer  Increased possession1,003     38,600
8/27/2013G5ENClosely held endowment policy: Martin Bauer  Increased possession2,000     40,600
10/9/2013G5ENClosely held endowment policy: Martin Bauer  Increased possession5,000     45,600
12/4/2013G5ENClosely held endowment policy: Martin Bauer  Increased possession2,000     47,600
12/6/2013G5ENClosely held endowment policy: Martin Bauer  Increased possession2,400     50,000
6/2/2010G5ENAdam Cowburn  Increased possession1,000     52,000
12/27/2013G5ENClosely held endowment policy: Martin Bauer  Increased possession3,000     53,000
2/25/2014G5ENClosely held endowment policy: Martin Bauer  Increased possession7,000     60,000
3/7/2014G5ENClosely held endowment policy: Martin Bauer  Increased possession6,000     66,000
3/21/2014G5ENClosely held endowment policy: Martin Bauer  Increased possession5,000     71,000
4/2/2014G5ENClosely held endowment policy: Martin Bauer  Increased possession2,500     73,500
7/7/2009G5ENAnders Nilsson  Increased possession21,000     80,500
1/29/2013G5ENAssociate: Alexander Tabunov  Shares lent (loaned) out-266,666     243,334
1/29/2013G5ENAssociate: Sergey Shults  Shares lent (loaned) out-266,667     258,333
1/29/2013G5ENAssociate: Vladislav Suglobov  Shares lent (loaned) out-266,667     304,333
7/7/2009G5ENTommy Svensk  Increased possession3,000     363,500
11/25/2009G5ENTommy Svensk  Increased possession6,000     369,500
12/8/2009G5ENTommy Svensk  Increased possession10,000     379,500
1/26/2010G5ENTommy Svensk  Increased possession7,500     387,000
2/15/2013G5ENAssociate: Alexander Tabunov  Return of shares lent out266,666     510,000
1/29/2013G5ENAssociate: Alexander Tabunov  Decreased possession-150,000     510,000
4/10/2014G5ENAssociate: Alexander Tabunov  Increased possession10,000     520,000
2/15/2013G5ENAssociate: Sergey Shults  Return of shares lent out266,667     525,000
1/29/2013G5ENAssociate: Sergey Shults  Decreased possession-150,000     525,000
4/9/2014G5ENAssociate: Sergey Shults  Increased possession10,000     535,000
4/11/2014G5ENAssociate: Sergey Shults  Increased possession7,000     542,000
2/15/2013G5ENAssociate: Vladislav Suglobov  Return of shares lent out266,667     571,000
1/29/2013G5ENAssociate: Vladislav Suglobov  Decreased possession-150,000     571,000
2/26/2014G5ENAssociate: Vladislav Suglobov  Increased possession4,000     575,000
3/6/2014G5ENAssociate: Vladislav Suglobov  Increased possession5,000     580,000
11/24/2011G5ENAssociate: Alexander Tabunov  Increased possession660,000     660,000
11/19/2008G5ENAlexander Tabunov  Started possession660,000     660,000
11/19/2008G5ENSergey Shults  Started possession670,000     670,000
4/5/2012G5ENAssociate: Sergey Shults  Increased possession673,000     673,000
3/26/2010G5ENSergey Shults  Increased possession3,000     673,000
4/6/2012G5ENAssociate: Sergey Shults  Increased possession1,000     674,000
4/11/2012G5ENAssociate: Sergey Shults  Increased possession1,000     675,000
11/19/2008G5ENVladislav Suglobov  Started possession681,999     681,999
7/14/2009G5ENVladislav Suglobov  Increased possession14,000     695,999
1/13/2010G5ENVladislav Suglobov  Increased possession2,000     697,999
1/18/2010G5ENVladislav Suglobov  Increased possession1,000     698,999
1/22/2010G5ENVladislav Suglobov  Increased possession1     699,000
3/19/2010G5ENVladislav Suglobov  Increased possession5,000     704,000
7/14/2010G5ENVladislav Suglobov  Increased possession1,000     705,000
8/17/2010G5ENVladislav Suglobov  Increased possession5,000     710,000
9/8/2010G5ENVladislav Suglobov  Increased possession5,000     715,000
1/8/2011G5ENAssociate: Vladislav Suglobov  Increased possession720,000     720,000
11/19/2010G5ENVladislav Suglobov  Increased possession5,000     720,000
10/7/2011G5ENAssociate: Vladislav Suglobov  Increased possession1,000     721,000
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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