New rules valid from July 3, 2016

On July 3, 2016, the European Parliament Regulation (596/2014 / EU) on market abuse will come in force and is directly applicable to Swedish law. Regulation includes, among other things, new rules for insiders (hereinafter "people in positions").

People in leadership positions in companies listed on AktieTorget are, from 3 July 2016, to report their transactions in the listed company to the Financial Regulatory Board (FI) ( and to the company. AktieTorget's insider list and notification requirement has because of this ceased to be in force after market close on Friday, July 1, 2016. Previously reported transactions will appear on AktieTorget's website during a transitional period.

More information about the new rules can be found on FI's website:

If there are any questions, please call us at +46 (0)8-511 68 000, or send us a mail at

Insiders in HomeMaid

Helen Andersson5/16/2016   
Maria Benholm5/16/2016   
Mats Claesson3/4/2009   
Martin Folkar3/29/2007   
Fredrik Grevelius4/29/2010   
Björn Holmkvist5/16/2016   
Michaela Maier3/29/2007   
Susanne Moffat3/29/2007   
Ingrid Nordlund5/19/2016   
Jenny Ottosson11/16/2015   
Eva-Karin Sjödin Dahl5/1/2012   
Linda Sund11/16/2015   
Anders Sundin1/7/2014   
Patrik Torkelson3/4/2009   
Lena Wärme5/16/2016   
Jan Ahlström3/29/2007   5/4/2010
Nils-Erik Åhmansson3/29/2007   4/27/2009
Anna Alphonce2/6/2012   5/12/2016
Per-Olof Andersson3/29/2007   5/29/2007
Martin Binnberg4/1/2011   5/12/2016
Rickard Blomquist3/29/2007   5/20/2008
Thomas Borgström9/1/2011   9/3/2014
Mona Boström3/29/2007   5/21/2007
Marie-Louise Brundin3/29/2007   2/1/2012
Marie Ehrling5/21/2007   4/27/2009
Mats Enegren5/3/2010   12/11/2013
Anna-Carin Eriksson3/29/2007   2/1/2012
Maria Hägglund8/20/2007   2/1/2010
Mats Heed3/4/2009   5/21/2014
Sören Erik Hörnell5/3/2010   1/21/2011
Leif Johansson5/11/2009   1/21/2011
Åsa Keller3/29/2007   5/31/2012
Frida Ljungquist Green1/1/2011   11/16/2015
Pär Lövgren5/29/2007   4/27/2009
Bo Manelius4/27/2009   5/4/2010
Stig Håkan Mild5/3/2010   1/21/2011
Mattias Östergren10/12/2010   7/4/2013
Paul Rönnberg4/26/2011   5/19/2016
Sabine Söndergaard4/29/2010   4/20/2011
Gunilla Maria Svanström4/26/2010   1/21/2011
Monica Thörnqvist3/29/2007   2/11/2008
Birgitta Waern2/1/2012   3/2/2015
Per Martin Werin5/3/2010   1/21/2011
Jens Westerlund6/26/2008   9/22/2009
Marie Winza5/14/2008   1/7/2009

Transactions in shares on HomeMaid

DateTransgressionName Change reasonChangeResultTotalt
3/3/2016HOME BPaul Rönnberg  Decreased possession-6,749     0
5/5/2015HOME BMartin Folkar  Correction-10,000     0
6/24/2014HOME BThomas Borgström  Decreased possession-18,935     0
8/22/2013HOME BThomas Borgström  Decreased possession-10,046     0
1/4/2013HOME BThomas Borgström  Decreased possession-2,650     0
2/22/2012HOME BThomas Borgström  Decreased possession-12,000     0
1/4/2012HOME BThomas Borgström  Decreased possession-5,241     0
1/12/2011HOME BMartin Folkar  Decreased possession-10,000     0
11/15/2010HOME BFredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-1,178,752     0
3/2/2009HOME AAssociate: Jan Ahlström  Decreased possession-2,250,000     0
2/27/2009HOME AJan Ahlström  Decreased possession-1,125,000     0
12/31/2008HOME KOJens Westerlund  Unexercised-60,000     0
12/31/2008HOME KOMartin Folkar  Unexercised-40,000     0
12/31/2008HOME KOB UAssociate: Jan Ahlström  Unexercised-40,000     0
12/31/2008HOME TOAnna-Carin Eriksson  Unexercised-44,000     0
12/31/2008HOME TOÅsa Keller  Unexercised-392,000     0
12/31/2008HOME TOJan Ahlström  Unexercised-33,000     0
12/31/2008HOME TOMarie-Louise Brundin  Unexercised-44,000     0
12/31/2008HOME TOMichaela Maier  Unexercised-44,000     0
12/31/2008HOME TONils-Erik Åhmansson  Unexercised-33,000     0
12/31/2008HOME TOSusanne Moffat  Unexercised-44,000     0
12/22/2008HOME AAssociate: Jan Ahlström  Decreased possession-1,125,000     0
6/28/2007HOME KOMarie Ehrling  Terminated possession-300,000     0
6/28/2007HOME KOB UAssociate: Jan Ahlström  Terminated possession-300,000     0
6/21/2007HOME TR BMartin Folkar  Terminated possession-6,000     0
6/20/2007HOME KVAssociate: Jan Ahlström  Terminated possession-750,000     0
6/19/2007HOME TR BJan Ahlström  Terminated possession-18,000     0
6/15/2007HOME TR BÅsa Keller  Decreased possession-16,000     0
5/15/2009HOME BLeif Johansson  Started possession474     474
3/11/2016HOME BAssociate: Martin Folkar  Decreased possession-9,000     811
9/6/2012HOME BThomas Borgström  Increased possession1,000     1,000
6/19/2007HOME BJan Ahlström  Rights Issue500     1,500
9/7/2012HOME BThomas Borgström  Increased possession1,200     2,200
9/19/2012HOME BThomas Borgström  Increased possession450     2,650
11/15/2013HOME BThomas Borgström  Increased possession3,000     3,000
11/1/2011HOME BAssociate: Mats Claesson  Increased possession3,400     3,400
11/17/2011HOME BThomas Borgström  Increased possession1,500     4,041
8/20/2007HOME BAssociate: Maria Hägglund  Started possession4,500     4,500
6/20/2007HOME BJan Ahlström  Rights Issue3,000     4,500
11/18/2011HOME BPaul Rönnberg  Increased possession4,710     4,710
12/23/2011HOME BThomas Borgström  Increased possession1,200     5,241
11/20/2013HOME BThomas Borgström  Increased possession3,000     6,000
6/5/2007HOME TR BMartin Folkar  Increased possession6,000     6,000
3/29/2007HOME BMartin Folkar  Started possession6,000     6,000
4/29/2015HOME BAssociate: Martin Folkar  Decreased possession-1,520     6,242
3/2/2016HOME BPaul Rönnberg  Decreased possession-35,703     6,749
5/16/2013HOME BThomas Borgström  Increased possession6,800     6,800
11/25/2013HOME BThomas Borgström  Increased possession1,000     7,000
9/18/2013HOME BAssociate: Martin Folkar  Decreased possession-7,898     7,762
5/20/2013HOME BThomas Borgström  Increased possession1,010     7,810
12/5/2007HOME BJan Ahlström  Increased possession4,500     9,000
6/21/2007HOME BMartin Folkar  Rights Issue3,000     9,000
11/17/2015HOME BAssociate: Martin Folkar  Decreased possession-6,431     9,811
5/21/2014HOME BMartin Folkar  Increased possession10,000     10,000
12/18/2013HOME BThomas Borgström  Increased possession3,000     10,000
11/3/2011HOME BAssociate: Mats Claesson  Increased possession6,600     10,000
2/23/2011HOME BFredrik Grevelius  Increased possession10,000     10,000
6/27/2007HOME BMartin Folkar  Increased possession1,000     10,000
8/21/2013HOME BThomas Borgström  Decreased possession-2,884     10,046
8/29/2012HOME BAssociate: Martin Folkar  Increased possession10,660     10,660
12/23/2013HOME BThomas Borgström  Increased possession1,000     11,000
6/5/2013HOME BThomas Borgström  Increased possession3,920     11,730
2/1/2012HOME BThomas Borgström  Increased possession12,000     12,000
6/4/2007HOME TR BJan Ahlström  Increased possession12,000     12,000
8/12/2013HOME BThomas Borgström  Increased possession1,200     12,930
1/7/2014HOME BThomas Borgström  Increased possession2,000     13,000
1/15/2014HOME BThomas Borgström  Increased possession1,000     14,000
11/7/2011HOME BAssociate: Mats Claesson  Increased possession5,000     15,000
9/20/2012HOME BAssociate: Martin Folkar  Increased possession5,000     15,660
1/16/2014HOME BThomas Borgström  Increased possession2,000     16,000
11/22/2011HOME BAssociate: Mats Claesson  Increased possession1,000     16,000
6/1/2007HOME TR BÅsa Keller  Rights Issue16,000     16,000
5/5/2015HOME BAssociate: Martin Folkar  Correction10,000     16,242
6/5/2007HOME TR BJan Ahlström  Increased possession6,000     18,000
1/30/2014HOME BThomas Borgström  Increased possession2,935     18,935
3/22/2011HOME BMats Enegren  Decreased possession-10,000     20,000
9/27/2010HOME BMats Enegren  Decreased possession-20,000     20,000
11/24/2011HOME BAssociate: Mats Claesson  Increased possession5,225     21,225
11/21/2011HOME BPaul Rönnberg  Increased possession16,844     21,554
12/6/2010HOME BMats Enegren  Increased possession3,000     23,000
6/15/2007HOME BÅsa Keller  Increased possession8,000     24,000
11/28/2011HOME BAssociate: Mats Claesson  Increased possession3,775     25,000
12/7/2010HOME BMats Enegren  Increased possession2,000     25,000
11/23/2011HOME BPaul Rönnberg  Increased possession4,000     25,554
3/17/2010HOME BÅsa Keller  Increased possession1,875     25,875
12/8/2010HOME BMats Enegren  Increased possession5,000     30,000
6/8/2007HOME BNils-Erik Åhmansson  Increased possession10,000     30,000
6/8/2007HOME BNils-Erik Åhmansson Observered by AktieTorget
232 days
Trade: 6/8/2007
Reported: 5/19/2008  
Rights Issue2,000     32,000
4/28/2011HOME BMats Enegren  Increased possession13,000     33,000
4/30/2012HOME BAssociate: Mats Claesson  Increased possession9,586     34,586
5/4/2012HOME BAssociate: Mats Claesson  Increased possession1,273     35,859
5/5/2011HOME BMats Enegren  Increased possession3,000     36,000
5/27/2013HOME BAssociate: Mats Claesson  Increased possession3,040     38,899
11/28/2011HOME BPaul Rönnberg  Increased possession14,000     39,554
1/11/2013HOME BMats Enegren  Decreased possession-15,000     40,000
3/5/2012HOME BMats Enegren  Increased possession4,000     40,000
6/27/2008HOME KOMartin Folkar  Increased possession40,000     40,000
6/27/2008HOME KOB UAssociate: Jan Ahlström  Increased possession40,000     40,000
1/26/2016HOME BPaul Rönnberg  Decreased possession-6,400     42,452
6/13/2012HOME BMats Enegren  Decreased possession-6,300     43,700
3/17/2010HOME BÅsa Keller  Increased possession18,000     43,875
3/29/2007HOME TOMichaela Maier  Started possession44,000     44,000
3/29/2007HOME TOSusanne Moffat  Started possession44,000     44,000
12/1/2011HOME BPaul Rönnberg  Increased possession5,000     44,554
5/16/2013HOME BMats Enegren  Increased possession5,000     45,000
5/4/2012HOME BMats Enegren  Increased possession5,000     45,000
5/17/2013HOME BMats Enegren  Increased possession3,000     48,000
1/25/2016HOME BPaul Rönnberg  Decreased possession-35,732     48,852
5/10/2012HOME BMats Enegren  Increased possession5,000     50,000
5/23/2013HOME BMats Enegren  Increased possession4,000     52,000
12/6/2011HOME BPaul Rönnberg  Increased possession10,000     54,554
8/24/2012HOME BMats Enegren  Increased possession11,300     55,000
6/26/2013HOME BAssociate: Mats Claesson  Increased possession19,964     58,863
7/24/2013HOME BMats Enegren  Increased possession8,000     60,000
6/27/2008HOME KOJens Westerlund  Increased possession60,000     60,000
11/8/2013HOME BMats Enegren  Increased possession3,000     63,000
2/23/2012HOME BPaul Rönnberg  Increased possession9,000     63,554
3/5/2012HOME BPaul Rönnberg  Increased possession7,530     71,084
3/6/2012HOME BPaul Rönnberg  Increased possession7,000     78,084
7/26/2013HOME BAssociate: Mats Claesson  Increased possession20,000     78,863
3/7/2012HOME BPaul Rönnberg  Increased possession3,500     81,584
8/30/2013HOME BPaul Rönnberg  Decreased possession-30,930     84,584
3/8/2012HOME BPaul Rönnberg  Increased possession3,000     84,584
1/3/2013HOME BPaul Rönnberg  Increased possession30,930     115,514
5/21/2014HOME BFredrik Grevelius  Changes while not insider190,000     200,000
6/9/2014HOME BFredrik Grevelius  Increased possession38,132     238,132
6/10/2014HOME BFredrik Grevelius  Increased possession3,700     241,832
6/13/2014HOME BFredrik Grevelius  Increased possession5,000     246,832
6/24/2014HOME BFredrik Grevelius  Increased possession13,168     260,000
5/20/2014HOME BAssociate: Mats HeedPatrik TorkelsonSören Erik HörnellGunilla Maria SvanströmMats Claesson  Decreased possession-2,878,304     296,534
6/28/2007HOME BMarie Ehrling  Increased possession300,000     300,000
5/21/2007HOME KOB UAssociate: Jan Ahlström  Increased possession300,000     300,000
4/1/2015HOME BEva-Karin Sjödin Dahl  Redeeming Option400,000     400,000
4/1/2015HOME TO PERSEva-Karin Sjödin Dahl  Redeeming Option-400,000     400,000
12/29/2014HOME BFredrik Grevelius  Increased possession251,228     511,228
7/6/2007HOME BAssociate: Jan Ahlström  Decreased possession-50,000     527,000
9/1/2015HOME BFredrik Grevelius  Increased possession30,000     541,228
11/23/2015HOME BFredrik Grevelius  Increased possession10,797     552,025
1/22/2016HOME BFredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-5,200     559,025
12/3/2015HOME BFredrik Grevelius  Increased possession7,000     559,025
3/29/2007HOME BAssociate: Jan Ahlström  Started possession560,000     560,000
1/15/2016HOME BFredrik Grevelius  Increased possession4,000     563,025
1/18/2016HOME BFredrik Grevelius  Increased possession1,200     564,225
6/28/2007HOME BAssociate: Jan Ahlström  Decreased possession-300,000     577,000
4/23/2007HOME BAssociate: Jan Ahlström  Increased possession25,000     585,000
3/18/2016HOME BFredrik Grevelius  Increased possession39,217     598,242
6/15/2007HOME AAssociate: Jan Ahlström  Increased possession750,000     750,000
3/29/2007HOME KVAssociate: Jan Ahlström  Started possession750,000     750,000
11/21/2012HOME TO PERSEva-Karin Sjödin Dahl Late reporting
51 days
Trade: 11/21/2012,
Reported: 2/14/2013  
Increased possession800,000     800,000
6/19/2007HOME BAssociate: Jan Ahlström  Rights Issue292,000     877,000
3/2/2009HOME BAssociate: Jan Ahlström  Decreased possession-1,800,000     1,029,000
2/27/2009HOME AAssociate: Jan Ahlström  Increased possession1,125,000     1,125,000
12/22/2008HOME AJan Ahlström  Increased possession1,125,000     1,125,000
6/19/2007HOME AAssociate: Jan Ahlström  Rights Issue375,000     1,125,000
4/29/2010HOME BFredrik Grevelius  Started possession1,178,752     1,178,752
11/15/2010HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Increased possession1,331,259     1,331,259
12/1/2010HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Increased possession5,387     1,336,646
4/12/2016HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-1,530     1,356,285
4/11/2016HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-2,515     1,357,815
4/8/2016HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-7,475     1,360,330
4/6/2016HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-29,341     1,367,805
3/14/2016HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-8,017     1,397,146
3/11/2016HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-115,603     1,405,163
12/9/2010HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Increased possession113,354     1,450,000
12/15/2010HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Increased possession30,500     1,480,500
2/23/2011HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Increased possession39,500     1,520,000
3/8/2016HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-12,232     1,520,766
3/7/2016HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-2,214     1,532,998
3/4/2016HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-695     1,535,212
3/1/2016HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-5,068     1,535,907
1/22/2016HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-5,896     1,540,975
1/20/2016HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-15     1,546,871
1/19/2016HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-2,000     1,546,886
12/31/2015HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-7,450     1,548,886
12/29/2015HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-123,510     1,556,336
12/2/2015HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-4,000     1,679,846
12/1/2015HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-3,000     1,683,846
11/18/2015HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-10,706     1,686,846
5/6/2015HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-300     1,693,507
3/24/2015HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-1,200     1,693,807
3/18/2015HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-4,993     1,695,007
11/17/2015HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Decreased possession-9,680     1,697,552
5/21/2014HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Changes while not insider180,000     1,700,000
9/1/2015HOME BAssociate: Fredrik Grevelius  Increased possession13,725     1,707,232
2/27/2009HOME AAssociate: Jan Ahlström  Increased possession1,125,000     2,250,000
4/8/2010HOME BAssociate: Mats HeedPatrik TorkelsonSören Erik HörnellGunilla Maria SvanströmMats Claesson Late reporting
32 days
Trade: 4/8/2010,
Reported: 6/1/2010  
Increased possession374,838     2,674,838
2/27/2009HOME BAssociate: Jan Ahlström  Increased possession2,302,000     2,829,000
5/31/2010HOME BAssociate: Mats HeedPatrik TorkelsonSören Erik HörnellGunilla Maria SvanströmMats Claesson  Increased possession500,000     3,174,838
Items marked in italic are transactions done by persons closely associeated with the named insiders, or legal entities associated with the named insider
Items marked in red are either transactions that have been reported late or corrections for wrongly reported transactions to AktieTorget.
Items marked in gray are person who no longer are registered as insiders on the company.

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