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Eurocine Vaccines is a publicly listed, clinical-stage company developing nasal vaccines that meet important medical needs. The vaccines are developed up to proof of concept (clinical phase I/II) and licensed to partners for further development and commercialization. The company's proprietary vaccine adjuvant technologies, which are a key element of the nasal vaccines, are also offered to license partners for development in various indications. Present focus is on partnering the nasal influenza vaccine program, Immunose™ FLU, which has shown proof of concept in a clinical study, and on preclinical development of a nasal vaccine against bacterial pneumonia.

  • CEO Hans Arwidsson
  • Chairm. of the Board Michael Wolff Jensen

Instrument Information

  • Full Name Eurocine Vaccines
  • Short Name EUCI
  • No of shares 67 474 109
  • ISIN code SE0001839069
  • OrderBookID 4102
  • CFI (ISO 10962) ESVUFR
  • Par Value 0.11 kr
  • First Traded 12-12-2006
  • Type Share

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