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The business concept of Emotra is to supply the healthcare with EDOR, a quantitative and objective measurement technique, which makes it possible to decide whether depressed patients are at suicide risk or not. By this, most of the suicides and suicide attempts can be prevented, the quality of care increased and the costs for the care givers decreased.

  • CEO Claes Holmberg
  • Chairm. of the Board Margit Ferm

Instrument Information

  • Full Name Emotra
  • Short Name EMOT
  • No of shares 13 702 259
  • ISIN code SE0006851507
  • OrderBookID 411N
  • CFI (ISO 10962) ESVUFR
  • FISN (ISO 18774) EMOTRA/SH
  • Par Value 0.18 kr
  • First Traded 23-02-2015
  • Type Share

Technical Analysis

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