Guidance and service

We know that it is complex and time-consuming for listed company to comply with regulations. However, fulfilling listing requirements provides a guarantee of quality, which increases confidence in your company. To ensure a sound marketplace, trading is constantly monitored by AktieTorget’s market surveillance to verify that brokers follow the trading rules and that the listed companies follow information requirements. Regulatory requirements for companies – and requirements that companies act in a way that instils market confidence – means that listed companies must create a well-functioning, effective organisation with comprehensive internal procedures. We know that this is a great benefit in other contexts too. AktieTorget have developed our offering to make all of these processes easier for you.

We help you understand the regulations

Being listed means that a company must follow the information rules so that the market can accurately interpret the company. All companies on AktieTorget can always contact our surveillance unit, staffed with regulatory specialists that cover everything from: the company’s own information to the market; rules as part of the Swedish Companies Act; what constitutes some aspect of sound practice on the stock market; or questions that are more of a principle nature or, that have an emphasis on policy.

We are always up-to-date on the regulations and can therefore interpret amendments to them and we continually provide information regarding practical implications of these amendments for our listed companies.

Unlike other Swedish marketplaces, AktieTorget provides all this assistance as part of your listing.

Advance review of press releases

As a listed company, it’s important that the right information is issued at the right time through the right channels. AktieTorget is the only marketplace that actively advance-reviews all press releases prior to market release. This is done to ensure that the company meets the information requirements imposed on listed companies. The advance review enables us to proactively guide and discuss with the companies, rather than needing to react retroactively. We verify the companies’ press releases through the assistance of our regulatory experts. This reduces the risk to the companies from releasing information that is incomplete, difficult to interpret, or misleading. The purpose is to maintain confidence in the company and for investor protection.

Training for listed company’s senior executives

Both ahead of an IPO and once the company is listed, AktieTorget holds training sessions for the company in market regulations. The training session is held individually with each company and is compulsory for the CEO and chairman of the board. Others wishing to participate are always welcome.