Providing you visibility

Companies that get the attention of investors and other stakeholders will have better opportunities of successful fundraising. It’s no longer enough to have a good offering – increased visibility and exposure to investors also leads to greater knowledge about the company, which can also support a company’s marketing and sales.

AktieTorget has established services to make it easier for companies to get visibility. We also provide investors the ability to find and access the information they need for making investment decisions.

To get you the attention you deserve, we work continuously on broadening the visibility of your company through collaborations with several different news distribution agencies and regular meetings with investors. We strive to add to our services to ensure we have the best visibility collaborations for our companies. A company gains greater transparency, increased trading and liquidity in its share, by disseminating information both in the media and through information terminals.

Press releases

A listed company publishes all price-sensitive information through press releases. A press release reaches a large number of important recipients, including all leading newswires and newspapers, as well as the company’s press release subscribers, giving the company a broad distribution and penetration. Disseminating important information through press releases also means that all stakeholders receive the information simultaneously. Listed companies are subject to the requirement that all parties receive price-sensitive information at the same time.

AktieTorget’s collaboration with Cision

Cision is a global leader in the distribution and dissemination of press releases and other information. Through our collaboration, companies listed on AktieTorget may use Cision’s tool for unlimited distribution of press releases and other information.

In this way, listed companies are assured that their information is distributed broadly and securely. Cision’s tool is user-friendly, and is used by hundreds of listed companies in Sweden and abroad. Cision also offers a suite of additional valuable services that companies can easily add.

Shareholders and the general public can easily subscribe to news from the listed companies through AktieTorget’s and Cision’s websites. The company can also add its own distribution lists, such as stakeholders e-mail addresses.


FinWire is an independent newswire specialised in monitoring small listed companies. We have engaged FinWire to monitor all companies listed on AktieTorget to write news bulletins on companies that FinWire finds interesting. FinWire writes brief newswire texts as well as interviews and longer, more comprehensive reports. FinWire’s news is disseminated to all newspapers and newswires, and is regularly seen on, for example,,, DI/Stockwatch and the websites of many banks. The news is also shown on AktieTorget’s website.

The financial press and other media do not necessarily always have the resources to monitor all listed companies. As a result, smaller and growth companies generally receive less media coverage. However, AktieTorget’s companies gain increased visibility due to our news distribution through FinWire, as well as the potential of further dissemination through additional channels, which can be of great value to the company.

The News Agency Direct

The news agency Direkt writes about news that is important for investors to know, mainly interim reports and press releases. In addition to the news surveillance, the News Agency will direct technical analysis on the company's stock, in collaboration with Vinnarbyrån and Tobbe Rosén. This will be packaged in a moving format for wider distribution.

The news will be distributed via Infronts terminals, the news agency Direkts newsflows at the major online brokers and news sites and via the news agency Direkt's channels in social networks: Twitter, Facebook and Direkt's channel on Youtube,

SvD Börsplus

SvD Börsplus produces investment research on listed companies, in addition to news chronicles regarding the stock market and financial market at large. Börsplus forms part of SvD, and is produced by a separate and independent research editorial team, which includes the reputable financial analyst and columnist Peter Bensson. SvD Börsplus’ research reports and chronicles are produced in digital format and are available to SvD Börsplus subscribers.

SvD Börsplus has undertaken to monitor the companies on AktieTorget and, to a certain extent, write research reports about them. A number of these research reports will be available to all SvD subscribers and to visitors to and AktieTorget’s website. Some research reports will also be published in SvD’s print version.

The collaboration with SvD Börsplus also increases opportunities for AktieTorget's companies to gain greater attention and visibility.

AktieTorget’s website and the company’s IR page

A condition for a company’s ability to attract the interest of investors often lies in the ability to find valuable information about the company. AktieTorget has therefore put substantial effort into creating a website that is very clear and contains comprehensive information about the listed companies. Investors can find the information published by a company on the web-site, together with a substantial amount of additional information about each company, such as historical share prices and news, key ratios, information about the largest owners and board of directors, investment research, films, annual reports and prospectuses, as well as articles of association.

Every company has an individual IR page published on AktieTorget’s website where all information is compiled - providing a clear overview. The company can also link the IR page from its own website. Find an example of an IR page here.

Banner advertising in connection with subscription period

A listing means that a company gets an increased number of shareholders and increased exposure. In conjunction with the subscription period, the company gets a  banner advertisement that has a range of approximately 450,000 unique visitors a week to reach a major stock interested audience.