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OptiFreeze AB: Status update - Entering the next phase in trials within the OptiDry and OptiFlower segments

At the end of May we completed the second industrial scale trials together with our customer within the OptiDry segment. The trials were conducted with our upgraded PEF chamber. During the trials it was proven that our new PEF system can process larger quantities than before. The capacity of the system is between 1 – 6 tons/hour depending on products. This improvement in capacity were done with an increased size of our treatment chamber at the same time as we developed a better and more effective way to package the products.

The next phase will be to try the PEF chamber with different kinds of products to prove the versatility of OptiDry. The products are seasonal, and therefore it takes time to verify our method due to some waiting for them to come in season. At the same time, we are still improving and exploring new and better ways on how to handle the products before and after treating them with the aim of simplifying the production.

After completing these second trials the customer wants to continue the project and we are discussing the next step together. 

Right now, we are doing industrial test with another customer in the OptiDry segment with the aim of proofing the concept and gaining more knowledge. 


We have conducted tests together with a leading flower company to validate our method and to try other applications for flower cuttings. These tests were carried out in the beginning of June. The focus of these trials was to investigate the possibility to extend the life expectancy of flower cuttings by combining our treating method with freezing. 

We at OptiFreeze are using all our experiences from previous projects on how to freeze fruits and vegetables to make this project work. The initial results were positive, and we are now waiting for the results after planting the treated cuttings. We will continue the discussions together with the customer.

During the spring we have had number of tests with another OptiFlower customer. The discussions now continue on a detailed level how the co-operation between us and them shall be, with the intention of industrialization of OptiFreeze products. Both the customer and we see the potential with our technology. We will keep you posted as soon as we can inform you more.

Lund, June 29, 2018
Eda Demir Westman, CEO

OptiFreeze AB

Optifreeze har en patenterad teknik som möjliggör att smak, form och struktur hos grönsaker, frukt och bär kan säkerställas genom hela nedfrysnings- och upptiningsprocessen. Tekniken öppnar för nya affärsmöjligheter för odlare och distributörer samt för företag inom kylteknik och livsmedelsproduktion runt om i världen. Förlängd hållbarhet leder till billigare transporter som i sin tur leder till positiva miljöeffekter, behovet av snabba flygtransporter reduceras. Optifreeze är resultatet av en längre tids forskning vid institutionen för livsmedelsteknik i Lund. Forskargruppens arbete har uppmärksammats på olika sätt och har bland annat erhållit stöd från EU.

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