Press release Published: 07-09-18 14:14:00

OptiFreeze AB: OptiFreeze signs a Letter of Intent with one of the largest Distributors of dried herbs and spices

OptiFreeze signed a letter of intent on the 5thof July with one of the largest Distributorsof dried herbs and spices in Europe. The intention is to introduce the OptiFreeze technology and to sell the OptiCeptTMprocessing systems to the Distributor’s suppliers. According to the agreement, the Distributor will have a limited exclusive right for several herbs forthe Nordic, Benelux, Baltic states and UK market for a limited period of time.

The Distributor has an interest to provide high quality premium products to the market. Both the Distributor and OptiFreeze are motivatedand understand the potential of the project by applying the “OptiDry” method step by step to herbs and spices. By combining OptiFreeze’s and the Distributor’s competences, both sides are convinced that the project will be successful.  

Currently, OptiFreeze is running tests at one of the Suppliers’ sites connected to the Distributor in Europe. The Distributor sees potential to improve quality of aroma and taste. The Supplier sees potential by reducing the drying time and to save energy. 

The Distributor receives exclusivity of five herbs on theNordic, Benelux, Baltic states and UK market for five years, and exclusivity of three herbs on mentioned markets with an exception of an already existing customer to OptiFreeze. The exclusivity period starts after the first OptiCeptTMprocessing system has been installed. During the period, the intention is to place additional systems at other Suppliers as well. The agreement stipulates that in addition to the sale of the equipment there is an annual royalty fee.  

“OptiFreeze is taking a successful step towards market commercialization of our technology through one of the largest dried herbs/spices Distributors in Europe. This will support OptiFreeze to penetrate the market through the brand impact of one of the leading Distributors and itsSuppliers. At the same time, the Distributor will get products that have been treated with the OptiFreeze method. It’s a win-win situation for all parties. Even to the customers who in the end will have access to better tasting herbs and spices.”

Lund, July 9, 2018

Eda Demir Westman, CEO

OptiFreeze AB

Optifreeze har en patenterad teknik som möjliggör att smak, form och struktur hos grönsaker, frukt och bär kan säkerställas genom hela nedfrysnings- och upptiningsprocessen. Tekniken öppnar för nya affärsmöjligheter för odlare och distributörer samt för företag inom kylteknik och livsmedelsproduktion runt om i världen. Förlängd hållbarhet leder till billigare transporter som i sin tur leder till positiva miljöeffekter, behovet av snabba flygtransporter reduceras. Optifreeze är resultatet av en längre tids forskning vid institutionen för livsmedelsteknik i Lund. Forskargruppens arbete har uppmärksammats på olika sätt och har bland annat erhållit stöd från EU.

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