SvD Börsplus has committed to follow companies listed on AktieTorget and, to a certain extent, publish these research reports. Many of these research reports will be available to all SvD subscribers and to visitors to and AktieTorget’s website. Some research reports will also be published in SvD’s print version.

Otherwise research reports and similar documents are only published on the company’s request. Further, AktieTorget is required to consider whether the research report fulfils reasonable requirements in terms of quality and objectivity, and whether it contains satisfactory information on any personal interests or conflicts of interest that the analyst/research firm may have with respect to the research report.

These requirements were introduced on October 15, 2014; AktieTorget cannot guarantee that research reports published prior to that date fulfil the aforementioned requirements.

Alteco Medical AB
Date Published 18-12-2017
Date Written 18-12-2017
Analyst Company SvD Börsplus

ObsteCare AB
Date Published 06-12-2017
Date Written 04-12-2017
Analyst Company SvD Börsplus

24SevenOffice Scandinavia AB
Date Published 06-12-2017
Date Written 06-12-2017
Analyst Company SvD Börsplus

Net Gaming Europe AB
Date Published 28-11-2017
Date Written 28-11-2017
Analyst Company Analysguiden

Infracom Group AB
Date Published 28-11-2017
Date Written 28-11-2017
Analyst Company SvD Börsplus

OptiFreeze AB
Date Published 27-11-2017
Date Written 27-11-2017
Analyst Company SVD Börsplus

Aerowash AB
Date Published 20-11-2017
Date Written 20-11-2017
Analyst Company SvD Börsplus

Colabitoil Sweden AB
Date Published 14-11-2017
Date Written 14-11-2017
Analyst Company Svd Börsplus

Ecoclime Group AB
Date Published 09-11-2017
Date Written 09-11-2017
Analyst Company SvD Börsplus

SealWacs AB
Date Published 08-11-2017
Date Written 08-11-2017
Analyst Company SvD Börsplus

Alzinova AB
Date Published 06-11-2017
Date Written 06-11-2017
Analyst Company SvD Börsplus