Pressmeddelande Publicerat: 2017-11-24 11:12:00

EQL Pharma: EQL Pharma signs agreement with leading generic company

EQL Pharma has signed a three-year cooperation agreement, with a possibility to extent, with a leading generic company regarding the drug Potassium chloride. The agreement means that the sales of the drug in the Norwegian, Danish and Finnish markets will be handled by the partner.

EQL estimates that the profitability will be similar, whether EQL Pharma sells on its own or through the partner. However, other benefits such as reduced working capital need and a higher penetration, speaks in favour of the cooperation. The financial mechanism is through profit sharing where the parties get a predefined percentage each. This means that the turnover and the gross profit from the arrangement will be one and the same for EQL Pharma.

The launch of potassium chloride in Sweden and Denmark is expected to take place during the first half of 2018, followed by Norway and Finland in 2019.

Potassium chloride EQL Pharma is part of EQL Pharmas long-term commitment to strategic niche generics with little or no competition. Total sales in Sweden and Denmark are approximately SEK 140 million annually and there is currently one competitor in addition to the original in the market.

EQL Pharma AB

"EQL Pharma är specialiserat på att utveckla och sälja generika, det vill säga läkemedel som är likvärdiga med originalläkemedel vars patent har löpt ut. Bolaget har en basportfölj innehållande 15 produkter och en produktlinje som till och med 2015 omfattar åtta "first-in-class generics" (generika utan ytterligare konkurrenter utöver originalläkemedlet)."

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